Pat McGrath's Lust 004 Lip Kit Is... Lust-Worthy!

OMFG! There's more Pat McGrath makeup on the horizon and it's legit Lust-worthy. Makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her eponymous line with the Gold 001 glitter product and followed it with the ultimate ethereal glow via her three-piece Skin Fetish 003 highlighter kits. Now, Pat McGrath is launching the Lust 004 products, which features a full kit comprised of 11 pieces, some of which be sold as singles and as part of three-piece color kits/stories.

What are the Lust 004 products and what's in the Lust 004 Everything Kit? Lust 004 is designed for lips and there are matte lipsticks, gloss, glitter, and more! Yes, it's OK for you to scream "OMFG" again to no one in particular. I did. Twice.

Let's pause to take a deep breath, shake out our hands, and process. It's a lot to take in. But your lips will thank you later. The Lust 004 Everything Kit is "perverse lip paraphernalia," according to the production description." I'm already in, Miss McGrath!

Here is the basic rundown. The Lust 004 Everything Kit includes six full pigment matte lipsticks in nude and red shades, a clear vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment, and three microfine glitters.

And the specific contents of the Lust Everything Kit are as follows: Flesh 1 Lipstick, Flesh 2 Lipstick, Venom 1 Lipstick, Venom 2 Lipstick, Blood 1 Lipstick, Blood 2 Lipstick, Clear Vinyl Gloss, Metallic Gold Pigment, Flesh Microfine Glitter, Venom Microfine Glitter, and Blood Microfine Glitter.

All of those products are also sold in smaller, color specific kits. Peep the three color sets below.

This is the "Flesh" color option.

Say "hi" to the "Vermillion Venom" color option.

Meet the "Bloodwine" color option.

So, how do you use Lust 004? Well, there is an application guide on the site along with the product description.

First, Pat McGrath and her team suggest that you swipe on the velvet matte lipstick. You can use a single shade or customize with multiple colors and layers. Add the gloss for super shine or add the Metallic Gold Pigment for depth and dimension. Or add the MGP over both the lipstick and the gloss. Sprinkle the Microfine Glitters over top for an added dose of glimmer and shimmer.

The Lust 004 Collection is available on August 30 via the Pat McGrath site.

The Lust 004 products are available at select Sephora outposts and via on September 8.

Im summary: The Lust 004 products are available as six, exclusive single shades for $25 a piece, the Everything Kit, which is $150, and three different color options/kits. Those are $60 a piece.

It's a lot to process... but it's so worth it! Pat McGrath brings high fashion, runway-ready makeup to your face and IRL.

Images: Pat McGrath (4); Pat McGrath/Instagram (3)