Three Ways To Pack One Cooler For Every Adventure

When it comes to planning a day trip, it takes a lot of effort to prepare, organize, and pack what you’ll need, whether your adventure lasts less than 24 hours or spans a few days. From assembling a crew of experience-seeking buddies, to mapping out your transportation needs and planning an itinerary of activities, there’s a lot to consider to make the trip a success. Let’s be honest, though: After you pick a destination, the most important part of any outing is the snacks. Think about it — whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach, dancing with your besties at a music festival, or leaning in to Mother Nature on a camping retreat, the food you bring to fuel your adventure is by far the most important thing to consider. (OK, that and public restrooms).

Apart from the basics, like water, every adventure requires its own unique snack plan. A day at the beach should be accompanied by a bottle of rosé, while s’mores are a must if you’re spending a night under the stars. To make it through an all-day music festival, you’ll need something sweet -- like Fruit Cups and licorice whips. To help you make the most of the tail end of summer, and inspire new day-long excursions through the fall, we partnered with Del Monte® Fruit Refreshers™‎ to help you pack your cooler for three amazing adventures you should put on your calendar, stat.

Adventure 1: A Day At The Beach

Your motto for getting ready for any beach trip should be “Keep It Simple.” That applies to everything from your swimsuit, your reading choices, and your cooler. The things that make going to the beach great — the bright sun, the cool breeze, and the warm sand — are the exact things that make eating on the beach hard. Especially the sand.

The sand will cling to everything, especially any soggy foods, so go for light, convenient snacks that won't make a mess. Some beach-cooler must-haves are carrot and celery sticks, cheese and crackers, and something lightly sweet: Try Del Monte® Fruit Refreshers™ in a tropical flavor like Pineapple in Passion Fruit Flavored Fruit Water, which will help keep you feeling refreshed, even when the sun's at its hottest.

And, since there are still a few weeks of summer left, you have to pack the rosé — it’s almost as necessary as sunscreen and aloe gel! (Our aloe gel above looks green and delicious, but we advise against eating it). Make sure to pack plenty of ice, and soak up some rays while you still can!

Adventure 2: Roughin' It On A Group Camping Expedition

Whether you’re a rugged type or more of a glamper, you need to be prepared for the centerpiece of any real outdoor adventure: the campfire. Your campfire cooler needs to contain the trifecta of fireside foods: hot dogs (with your choice of condiments), trail mix, and of course, all the s'mores you can handle. Make sure to pack other outdoor survival necessities, like a first aid kit, canteen for fresh water, and a map, in case you're so far off the beaten path you don't have a GPS signal. But as long as you stay safe and you're surrounded by good friends and delicious foods, you'll be a happy camper! (Or glamper).

Adventure 3: Rocking Out At A Music Festival

You're never as Instagram-ready as when you're YOLO-ing at a music festival, so you need a cooler that's as cool as you. While you're busy taking selfies and dancing to live music, take in some not-trying-too-hard snacks like string cheese, chewy licorice sticks, canned beer, and Fruit Cups in exciting flavors, like Del Monte® Fruit Refreshers™ in Mandarin Oranges in Coconut Water. Even when you're letting loose, it's super-important at an all-day music festival to keep hydrated, so equip yourself with a big water jug and an awesome hand-held fan. Stay safe and stay #blessed.

This post is sponsored by Del Monte® Fruit Refreshers™‎.

Images: Lauren Perlstein; Stylist: Chloe Daley; Design Direction: Bry Crasch