'Vogue' Italia Features Yet Another Offensive Photo Spread (Sigh)

Despite the international readership that surrounds Vogue, it seems like editors behind the fashion magazine are still not understanding the racially offensive nature of some of its features. Following a recent trend of especially insensitive (some just plain racist) Vogue spreads, Vogue Italia has now released more offensive photos in its March 2014 issue, featuring Dutch model Saskia du Brauw with a painted and (and sometimes darkened) face. Sigh.

Apparently Vogue Italia did not learn its lesson from other Vogue mishaps — remember that especially controversial April 2013 feature in Vogue Netherlands featuring blackface? Though du Brauw's skin is not darkened in every photo in the Vogue Italia spread, her entire body is painted in most of the photos. Considering the spread comes complete with tribal-inspired outfits, headdresses, and African animals (yes, there were lions), it's hard not to raise an eyebrow or two at the entire feature.

Though it's fair to mention that this particular Vogue feature isn't as overtly racist as some other magazine mishaps in the not-so-distant past, it still is a mystery why Vogue Italia wasn't more careful — especially when it comes to something that even resembles blackface. It's not quite true that all press is good press, Vogue.

Racist implications aside, Vogue Italia's feature is a little off-the-wall, with a series of photos that make even the most enthusiastic of fashion lovers ask, "Huh?" And, considering the backlash the spread is currently facing, it's even easier to question why Vogue Italia imagined the spread would impress aficionados. Pushing the limits of art is one thing. Insensitivity to cultures and races is a whole different beast.

Image: Vogue Italia via Huffington Post