The Weirdest Uniforms At Rio's Opening Ceremony

Amazing performances aside, one of the greatest things about the start of the summer games is seeing the weirdest uniforms at Rio's Olympic opening ceremony. It's so fun to watch all the nations come together (over 200 of them, total!) to celebrate and show off their unique styles.

And "unique" definitely seems to be what some nations go for. I mean, do you remember the 2012 Olympic games when the British team stepped out in blazers with gold armpits? (Yea, me too.) Or what about the Czech Republic team, who showed up in London with patterned wellies and matching umbrellas? (How perfectly cheeky.)

This parade of quirkiness has been going on for decades — whether it's been intentional or not. In 2008, Spain graced the Beijing games in some decidedly McDonald's-esque red and yellow digs. And in 1992, the Australian team showed up looking like a bunch of dads on vacation. Adorable.

So needless to say, I was really looking forward to what the team uniforms would look like this year in Rio. Thankfully, they didn't disappoint. To start off, check out the sea of maple leaves that is Canada's team. How cute, and ridiculously Canadian. No mistaking them!

Then there was team Australia, who look chipper AF in their striped suits and shorts.

As for Germany, did they even try? Or just roll out in their leggings? Hey, at least they're comfy.

As is team Ireland. Track suits for the win.

That's some uniform, Tonga.

As is this, Portugal.

And then there's Poland team, which rocked quite the watercolor look.

Ah the Olympic opening ceremonies. Always a sight to behold.