'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Shares True Feelings About the Show In One Damning Tweet

After weeks of unexpectedly entertaining drama, that was at the same time unexpectedly offensive and horrible, the 18th season of The Bachelor is coming to an end and the always outspoken bachelor has something to say about it. Juan Pablo Galavis tweeted on Monday, "The day has COME... Finally TODAY the soap opera comes to an END..." Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Juan Pablo?

Galavis has been tweeting his thoughts throughout the season. When he wasn't explaining (not apologizing, explaining, he doesn't take well to apologizing) for any one of the offensive things he has done since Juanuary, he wrote his opinions about the show. Sometimes they were positive, like when he said one of the best moments of being "El Bachelor" was meeting Renee's son Ben, and sometimes they were defensive like when he asked his followers how many women out of the 27 he kissed and then pointed out that it was only seven. In general, Galavis' unnecessarily capitalized tweets haven't made it seem like he loved being the bachelor, but they didn't make it seem like he wanted to pleeeeease end until recently.

Monday's "soap opera" tweet was not Galavis' first time using this phrasing to describe the show. Galavis tweeted a similar sentiment on March 3.

It doesn't seem that Galavis is going to end up with either of the remaining women long-term because, if Andi Dorfman leaving and "The Women Tell All" episode proved anything, it's that people begin to see through Galavis' charms very quickly. But now, Galavis openly referring to the entire process as a "soap opera" almost confirms it. I would hope that he wouldn't call it a soap opera if he is still with one of the women because that would be pretty rude.

But then again, Juan Pablo is pretty rude. For all we know, Clare (it's not Nikki, we all know it's not Nikki) could be sitting next to him while he tweets making futile attempts to move his pinkies away from the shift keys.

Image: ABC