Pokemon Go Will Guest Star In A Big Sitcom

Given how swiftly Pokemon Go fever has taken over the world it was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to catch them all too — and then wrangle them into sitcom subplots. According to E! Online, Pokemon Go will be in The Mindy Project Season 5. It is unclear whether Mindy's love for the game will be a quick gag or a full-fledged subplot, but at the TCAs executive producers Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton revealed Mindy Lahiri has been playing the game. However, an unfortunate run-in with the reflecting pool at the 9/11 Memorial may end the fictional Mindy's love of tracking down Pokemon.

As for Kaling, she and her writing staff are playing Pokemon Go as a team, which sounds like the best thing ever. Kaling is far from the first celebrity to give Pokemon Go a try, of course: Everyone from John Mayer to the Jonas Brothers are out trying to find Pikachu. However, given how suddenly Pokemon Go appeared on the scene and captured the public's imagination, your favorite TV characters have not had a chance to join the craze — at least not yet.

The Mindy Project could be the first scripted series to feature a mention of Pokemon Go, but there is no way it will be the last. I mean, how could The Big Bang Theory staff look at themselves in the mirror each morning if they didn't devote an episode to Sheldon, Leonard, and the rest of the gang going on a Pokemon Go hunt? The addictive game would also make perfect fodder for any of ABC's family comedies. Dre from Black-ish would probably both love Pokemon Go because its hip and be terrible at it while his geek prince of a son Junior would be hatching rare Pokemon all over the place. You know you want to see the Johnson's get ultra-competitive over who can catch the most Pokemon next season.

With Pokemon Go showing no signs of slowing down, do not be surprised when you find out your favorite characters are just as obsessed as you. Always the trendsetter, The Mindy Project's Pokemon Go confession is no doubt just the first of many. Forget who can catch them all, the question TV fans should be asking is which show will be the first to get their Pokemon Go subplot on air this fall?

Image: Giphy