Shakur Stevenson's Love Life Looks Pretty Quiet

by Allie Gemmill

When it comes to strength, focus and devotion to the achievement of a goal, Olympic boxer Shakur Stevenson embodies all of those values wholeheartedly. But will there be a special someone cheering Stevenson on from the Olympic stands? You know, is Shakur Stevenson single? It's a question that goes right up there with things like "will he be victorious at the Olympics" and "is his Powerade commercial the best commercial to come out of the Olympics yet" — although those last two things might only be things you're asking if you're already a huge fan. Luckily for you, I have the answers. To the first thing, anyway.

From the looks of his social media, it seems that right now the only thing making the 19-year-old boxing wunderkind turn into the personification of the heart eyes emoji is the prospect of an Olympic gold medal. When he's not busy making some seriously inspiring Powerade commercials, Stevenson is posting photos from training on his Instagram or reveling in the excitement of the 2016 Summer Olympics. I mean, we're all reveling in the excitement of the 2016 Summer Olympics, but there's something really endearing about someone who is actually competing in the Games turning around and basking in the joy of those same games.

Stevenson has gained visibility thanks to those Olympic-themed Powerade commercials. His handful of ads highlight his humble Newark roots and his ability to grind through the tough times in order to make a name for himself — not only stateside, but also in Rio. If there is a loved one to focus on in the 19-year-old's world, it's his mother. Malikah Stevenson has always been his biggest champion, encouraging his love of boxing from day one. Along with his mother, Stevenson's Twitter is a veritable testament to the hometown love he's been getting. While in Rio, he's been retweeting those who are supporting him from afar.

So while the 19-year-old may not be romantically involved yet, you'd be hard-pressed to say he does not live in a world surrounded by people who love him. For now, he is determined to get the gold no matter what. He has also shown his commitment to his current bae, the Rio Olympics, by getting a tattoo of the 2016 Olympics logo on his shoulder. Stevenson is poised to make history as one of boxing's biggest talents and there is nothing, not even the prospect of romance, that can stop him.

Image: Powerade US/YouTube