H&M Debuts Its First Wedding Dress, And It Only Costs $100

Now you really can shop at H&M for anything. Fast-fashion retail giant H&M has debuted its very first wedding dress (yes, you heard right), and it's retailing for a steal at only $99. Talk about budget-friendly. The dress will be featured as a part of a regular collection, and will be sold both in stores and online.

According to the Huffington Post, a rep for the Swedish brand said that the gown was inspired by "old Hollywood glamour, but with a modern twist." (See the gown pictured below.)

Even though this is the first time H&M has debuted a wedding dress in a regular collection, there was one wedding dress in the Viktor & Rolf collaboration in 2006 (H&M and big designers are not exactly strangers).

Though we love budget-friendly pieces as much as the next gal, one has to wonder if fast, cheap fashion really applies to something as important as a wedding. Sure, in theory, a $99 gown is great, but that feeling of finding a bargain may not seem as special when you realize that, well, every other bride can find it too.

Whether this is the beginning or the end of H&M making a name for itself in the wedding gown market, we're all a little curious about how it's going to go over. At the very least, if buying this wedding dress means you can afford that macaroni and cheese food station you've been dreaming about, than H&M's something new is definitely something very cool.

Image: H&M