Signs You May Need To Take Better Care Of Yourself

It can be hard to make sure that you are sticking with a healthy routine of diet, exercise and self-care, as life can be pretty hectic. However, by noticing the signs that your body should be better taken care of, you'll be more able to give it the extra special attention that it deserves to thrive.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on connecting with their bodies and feeling happier and healthier in their skin. Due to life stressors and other complications in both work and social areas, it can be challenging to find time to relax the mind and body to ease tension. According to Tracy Thomas, Ph.D. and Brandon Mentore, health coach and A.C.E. certified personal trainer in interview with Huffington Post, cortisol levels increase when we are under stress, and such rises can make our bodies break down and experience more pain. Thus, it's important to know when the body isn't functioning up to par and alter our lifestyles in order to give it the healing and love that it needs. Here are eleven ways to know that your body is tired and need of some extra care and love in order to start feeling back to normal.

1. You're More Tired Than Usual

Being tired after a long day at work or first thing upon breaking out of the morning sheets might make sense, as the body either hasn't woken up yet or has been stuck with grueling work and long hours at the office. However, if your body is chronically tired, even after having a lunch, seeing a movie, doing a workout or seeing friends, then you might be overwhelming the body, suggests running coach and personal trainer Susie Lemmer to me over coffee.

2. You're Unable To Concentrate

If you find your energy dwindling and your ability to retain knowledge and power down on work assignments with concentration and productive behavior, it might mean that your body is needed some relaxation, nutrients or liquids to provide a boost in mental clarity and energy, advises Lemmer. If you lose focus, try one of those methods for a pick-me-up.

3. You Find Yourself Getting Sick

According to John Spangler, MD in interview with Everyday Health, the body's immune system can shut down when it's under emotional or physical stress, and this can lead to frequent onsets of common colds and other sicknesses. If you find yourself getting sick often, it means you would benefit from dialing back and getting in proper nutrition and self-care.

4. You Are Sore After Workouts

Feeling sore after a workout might be more normal, especially if the body is not used to certain movements or activity levels; however, if you know that you are working out too hard or too long for your body and physical abilities and you find yourself excessively sore throughout the week, then you might be experiencing overtraining symptoms and should take a step back, according to a December 2012 review in Acta Clinica Croatica.

5. You Have Stomach Aches After Eating

If you have stomach aches after eating, it might mean that your digestion is compromised, which can lead to heartburn, pains, uncomfortable bowel movements and bloating, according to Adam Prinsen, a naturopath based in Peterborough, Ont. in interview with Best Health Magazine. He advises slowing down your eating and limiting large portions, caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol and highly acidic foods.

6. You Are Breaking Out

Getting pimples can happen when the body is under stress, as such stress can lead to inflammation and poor skin, advises experts at WebMD. Plus, acne might appear on body parts, such as the back, chest and arms, in addition to the face. If you notice breakouts, it might mean that your body is experiencing tension and needs to get reacquainted with beneficial skincare regimens (washing the face after working out and before bed) and relaxation techniques.

7. You Have Migraines & Headaches

If you experience head pains, in the forms of headaches and migraines, you might be able to know that your body is working too hard and needs some rest, says Richard Colgan, MD, professor of family and community medicine at University of Maryland School of Medicine to Daily Burn over interview. Tension in the temples or head can come from stress on the mind and body.

8. You Can't Fall Asleep

If you find trouble falling, and staying, soundly asleep in the night, and instead have joint pains or discomfort, it might mean that your body isn't functioning right and it could increase your risk for getting sick due to a lower immunity response, says Keri Tuit, clinical psychologist at Yale University to Daily Burn.

9. Your Hair Is Falling Out

According to experts at Mayo Clinic, if your body is under major stress, it might cause hair follicles to fall out more often than usual. This term is called alopecia areata, and it usually occurs when the body is in need of some desperate stress-reduction time. By seeking a physician for help and addressing the problem, the hair will grow back with time.

10. You're Feeling Dull

Physical symptoms of body overwhelm can affect emotions, according to Lemmer, who says that we can feel more "dulled" when we are under stress, dehydrated or not eating well. If you find yourself feeling more sad or angry than usual, it might be wise to give yourself a mini vacation or take a "rest day" to do something fun and energizing.

11. You Have Painful Urination

According to George Krucik, MD, MBA to Healthline, painful urination can happen due to UTIs and other illnesses, which can be spurred by stress on the body. Additionally, troublesome urination can also result from a highly acidic body environment, from caffeine, spices, acidic foods and alcohol, he adds. Limiting these foods and taking medication should help you bounce back.

If you find yourself feeling not-so-hot and unable to do the things that you normally would be focused on in your day, it could mean that your body is not working the way it should and is need of some rest and recovery. Give yourself time to heal, and your body should be back to feeling normal again in no time!

Images: Pixabay (12)