Does the 'Bachelor' Pick The Finale Dresses

In tonight's Bachelor finale we'll watch Clare and Nikki get all dressed up and head to their sought-after proposals, only to watch one (or both) of them leave disappointed when Juan Pablo doesn't propose. But at least they'll look good when they're dumped right? ABC makes sure that each woman is dressed to the nines for the last rose ceremony by picking the finale dresses for both women. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky revealed that it's the only time the show decides the outfits.

"The girls do all their own hair and makeup ... I don't know for sure if the final two girls get their makeup done (I didn't make it that far on The Bachelor), but I do know that they are given dresses for the last rose ceremony. So I assume they get hair and makeup as well."

The show probably pitches in for the wardrobe for the same reason they don't make the Bachelor pay for the ring: they want everything to look as flawless as possible.

Footing the styling bill allows the ladies to rock expensive designer dresses, and often they come with a story behind them. They dressed Courtney Roberston in a stunning black Alberto Makali dress for her proposal only weeks after fellow contestant Kacie B. called her a black widow.

With black leather gloves to accompany the outfit, Robertson looked like the very villain her fellow contestants had labeled her as all season. She looked downright deadly compared to runner-up Lindzi Cox in her fluttery blue Tadashi Shoji gown.

Robertson said she later found out black dresses were Bachelor Ben Flajnik's favorite. So it's probably not a coincidence that the producers made the decision to dress the winner in Flajnik's favorite color gown.

During Sean Lowe's Bachelor finale episode, the producers got a little more bold in their garment undertones, choosing to dress the women in nearly identical David Meister dresses with only their colors distinguishing them. Catherine Guidici was dressed in a gold gown and Lindsay Yenter received a silver dress. In the end, the outfit colors predicted the outcome with Catherine garnering the golden proposal and Lindsay coming in 2nd in her silver gown.

So what story will the producers tell with tonight's finale dresses? Preview stills show that each girl got a blue dress. Blue for how they'll feel if Juan Pablo picks neither of them? We'll just have to tune in to see.

Images: ABC