This 'Gilmore Girls' Teaser Might Be About Rory

We've been counting the minutes until November 25, and our pre-GG anxiety has elevated into making a theory about every Gilmore Girls reboot teaser that enters our newsfeed. That includes the ominous Pop Tart and apple platter that appeared on the official Gilmore Girls Instagram earlier this week, sparking the possibility that Lorelai and Rory could be pregnant. But please pause, because we have since vetoed the pregnancy theory, and are now starting to speculate that this could mean a change in career for Rory. Like, perhaps, Rory might plan to attend grad school in the revival.

Before we launch into that, though, let's dissect what exactly the pregnancy theory relates to and why it doesn't work. Initially, the apple atop the smattering of Pop Tarts had fans throwing it back to a Season 5, Episode 21, where Lorelai thinks she might be pregnant with Luke's baby. She explains to Rory that she only craved apples when she was preggers, and subsequently, the fans went wild trying to connect the dots with this post. But what fans should've been focusing was the platter as a whole: in Season 1, Episode 6, Lorelai prepares this as a snack for Rory while she is studying. So, with that being the relevant tie, I think this picture may have more to do where Rory is in her life, and what she wants to do with her career.

From the initial released images from the revival, it looked as though Rory had given up on journalism and taken her love of books as a passage to teaching English. This feels decidedly on brand for Rory as a character, but you can't deny that she may be selling herself short: this is the girl who wanted to be the next Christiane Amanpour, after all. So, if Rory is studying when Lorelai gifts her these treats, maybe this ties back to what Rory is currently doing... or wants to be doing.

She could be grading papers as a parallel to the days Rory was Chilton's brightest student, collecting As (and that one D) like it was child's play. Rory is studying for Grad School, eyeing to get a masters in Journalism to revive her lost career. Or, hell, perhaps she's just filling out endless job applications on Linkedin. In any case, I link this back to Rory's ambitiousness versus any desire to inject a baby into this revival.

But, with this all said, it could be nothing more than a little taste to get fans excited. The Gilmore Girls Instagram is being periodically updated with little visual cues and in-jokes, such as the Chinese take-out from Al's Pancake World to Lorelai's tube of Vicious Trollop. Perhaps the second biggest theory behind this prompt is that there is no hidden subtext; it's merely a cutesy reference for the hardcore fans. Regardless of what the picture may mean, I have the highest hopes that Rory will be killing it professionally in this revival... because our girl deserves it.

Images: Netflix; Giphy