How Does The New "Nearby Pokemon" Tracker Work On "Pokemon Go"? What You Need To Know

Since the release of "Pokemon Go" people have been rushing to catch every available Pokemon in their area. Luckily, the game's creator Niantic has updated the game and made catching Pokemon easier with their new tracking system. If you are wondering how the new "nearby Pokemon" tracker works, it's pretty simple. By updating your app and logging in through your email account and accepting the terms and conditions, the game allows you to GPS track Pokemon in your area more accurately than before.

The first version of the game kept glitching out on users (the infamous "three step glitch"). Since the amount of people playing "Pokemon Go" far outgrew the estimated user levels, servers were having a lot of trouble keeping up. The in-app Pokemon tracker was often freezing and not giving the best advice to players. Now, the new update version allows you to see what Pokemon are in the area as the app refreshes every ten seconds. This all boils down to you having more accurate tracking for Pokemon popping up, which translates to you having a better chance of catching them all. Excuse me while I rush to update my phone.

Make sure to keep in mind that this tracker still does not point out the exact location of the Pokemon within the app. It just gives you the general knowledge of that Pokemon's existence and then can guide you to it. You are still doing the majority of the leg work and might not catch that Pokemon outright — you just have a better chance with this new update. Here is how to get it on your phone: first step is to update your "Pokemon Go" app.

Get the latest version of the app in your app store. Once you have it all set on your phone, you will open the app and accept the terms and conditions that come with logging in through your email account. After that you can check out your new tracker.

From the outside it still looks the same. A little bar on the bottom right with pictures and outlines of Pokemon near you. The change is more easily spotted once you click on the radar itself.

They added little grass bushes behind all of the Pokemon! And this should indicate that you successfully updated to the newer version of the tracker. The rest is up to you. Walk in a direction until you see the Pokemon disappear from your screen. That lets you know you have to turn around and retrace your steps. Happy hunting!

Images: Dasha Fayvinova