How To Get TV Shows On Snapchat, The Latest Addition To The App

Picking your fave snaps is about to get a lot more difficult now that NBCUniversal is about to premiere original content on Snapchat. If you are wondering how to get TV shows on Snapchat and when it will start, dear snapper, we have the answers! NBC will start rolling out their new mini shows at the end of August, giving us something to look forward to once the Olympics wrap up! This is original content is especially produced for Snapchat, and (at first) will only be able to be watched via the app. That means tuning into an NBC-affiliated network like Bravo! or E! News isn't going to give you those sweet, short Snapchat shows you seek.

The first new show to premiere as part of this awesome partnership is the aptly named The Voice on Snapchat. This series will mark the first time that a reality competition infiltrates Snapchat. Over the course of the five short episodes, coaches for the upcoming season of The Voice will judge 30 second videos of Snapchat users showcasing their vocal skillz. Yep. That means Miley Cyrus will watch you sing (provided you submitted your vid on time, which sadly, I did not).

The show will take over your phone screens on Monday, August 22. As of yet, a time has not been specified for the program's release ('cause you know I would have already made myself a Google alert). It is best to sign-in to the app day-of and check Stories. I can't think of a more perfect thing to watch on a lunch break!

To make sure that you don't miss the show, keep your Snapchat app updated. Simply go to the App Store and click on the "updates" tab to double check that you have the latest version. The NBC content should be promoted in the Stories, but you can always add NBC and E! News as friends as well. If these new programs are promoted anything like NBC's Olympic coverage (which is currently being co-produced with BuzzFeed) for Snapchat, they will be pretty hard to miss.

Throughout the fall, more shows will be debuting on Snapchat, including a humorous weekly pop culture news show called The Rundown beginning on September 8. Original series in the style of Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are on their way as well, though no premiere dates have been set.

What's all this going to look like? Ron Lamprecht, NBCUniversal's EVP of Business Development and Digital Distribution, said in a statement that viewers can expect a more mobile-friendly experience with "original productions of high quality, short-form content for viewing specifically on smaller screen in a vertical format, instead of the tradition horizontal 'TV' screens in our homes."

I'm literally puking rainbows in excitement!

Images: Getty, giphy