Paulie Could Be Going Down On 'BB18'

Big Brother encourages houseguests and fans alike to expect the unexpected, but the latest power shift in BB18 may be the most surprising yet, thanks not only to the reveal of the newest enemy of the house, but who orchestrated the shift. Paulie has been dominating the game for what feels like the entire season, winning more competitions than anyone else in the house and having a hand in nearly every eviction this season. This week, though, enough was finally enough for some contestants, as Natalie flipped the house – including one of Paulie's closest allies – to try and put an end to the Calafiore legacy. For a while it looked like Paulie was the clear winner of BB18, but that could all change soon, and it's very possible that Paulie could be evicted this week on BB18 .

It's no surprise that while Paul and Victor have been HoH the past two weeks, in reality, they were being influenced by Paulie the entire time, which resulted in the duo making moves that favored Paulie's game more than their own. Seeing this, Natalie, Bridgette, and James started comparing stories and realized that Paulie has been pitting the house against each other in an effort to orchestrate the game in his favor. Thanks to James' Care Package power to cancel two votes in the upcoming eviction, there's a very good chance that they could set fire to Paulie's plans and possibly even send him out in the double eviction.

After getting Victor to put Michelle and Zakiyah on the block, Paulie's current plan is to get Michelle evicted and keep his scorned showmance partner Zakiyah in the house. However, Natalie, James, and Bridgette are hoping to use his power to cancel two votes against Michelle and get enough votes to solidify Zakiyah's eviction from the house. However, the three of them alone aren't enough to carry out this flip – so they reached out to the houseguests that have been manipulated by Paulie the most.

In a shocking gameplay turn, the three managed to get Michelle — who has a complicated relationship with Bridgette — to join their side, as well as Paulie's in-house best buddies Victor and Paul. Paulie's enumeration with Paul has extended to dressing similarly and even getting a near-identical haircut, but imitation isn't enough to stop Paul from considering other options. After getting the six of them in a room and exchanging how they've been turned against each other, taking down Paulie might be less of a plan and more of an inevitability.

Natalie has refrained from making huge moves in Big Brother, but she's making up for it by making the biggest move of BB18 so far. While the plan to blindside Paulie by evicting Zakiyah and trying to do some additional damage by evicting one of his crew (which now seems to just be Nicole and Cory) during the double eviction is strong, it's still not immune to a major shake-up. If Paulie wins an HoH or a PoV, which he has proven to be very good at, Natalie's plan could all come tumbling down. No matter what happens, the house is going to go through a major shake-up in the coming weeks, which means the best episodes of BB18 could be yet to come.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS