7 'Game Of Thrones' Couples That Fans Really Miss

Sure, Game of Thrones isn't exactly known for love and butterflies. That doesn't mean there aren't some faint glimmers of romance here and there. Beneath all of the epic battles and ghastly deaths there are some seriously amazing love stories and some couples that are for sure, #RelationshipGoals to the extreme. Of course, most love stories in George R.R. Martin's world of murder and mayhem end up on the wrong side of a blade at one point or another because he won't ever let us have nice things. So, let's be honest, there are some Game of Thrones couples that fans truly miss.

One thing is for sure, I think we can all agree that romance, and specifically weddings, play an extremely important part in the politics and life of Westeros. Think of all of the carnage that has occurred at and following wedding ceremonies on this show. It's often not exactly prudent to just up and fall in love in these parts. Mostly, unions are arranged for a family's benefit. Whenever someone deigns to try and live with someone they actually care about, it seems to end pretty badly for everyone involved. Let's have a moment of silence for these beloved pairings lost to days of yore.

1. Robb Stark And Talisa Stark

A perfect example of a union based out of real love going extremely awry. These two were serious goals from the jump. He met her while she was covered in blood, yet he immediately was all, "Yes, please." That's the dream. When she took his hand and told him that their little baby boy's name should be Eddard? The universal swooning may have created a tropical storm somewhere. Also, I miss them because this was the era of Robb being naked (and alive), and don't we all mourn that era?

2. Jon Snow And Ygritte

These two were the epitome of everything lovely in the world. They had a rough start, but don't most great love stories? One of the greatest things about their pairing was the fact that Ygritte saved Jon every once and a while. He was totally comfortable with the fact that his lady was a badass warrior who could likely kick his butt if it came down to it. When Ygritte died in his arms, it was one of the most beautiful and tragic scenes to date. It also began many of my weird fascinations with seeing Olly (a legit child) killed ASAP.

3. Ramsay Bolton And Myranda

Hear me out, here. Sure, fans all hated Ramsay and yadda, yadda, yadda. He was legitimately the worst human ever, but was he not fun to watch? He's like Joffrey. He was awful, but he was entertaining. This couple was pretty perfectly matched. Myranda not only seemed to accept Ramsay's murderous, sociopathic ways but she was keen to join right in with her archery skills. That's a match made in... somewhere. When Myranda was thrown from the tower by Theon and killed, it was one of the first times viewers saw Ramsay have an emotion. Of course, it was fleeting because he immediately had her body thrown to his hounds, but it was there. I miss their dual shenanigans. Call me crazy.

4. Dany And Khal Drogo

Another union that got off on the wrong foot but ended up becoming something that fans can all appreciate. Once Dany decided to stand up for herself and take charge, Drogo didn't mind one bit. He was all about her fierceness and, in return, he would have turned the world on its axis to save her. Their love was legitimately true love. I mean, they called each other "moon of my life" and "my sun and stars." I'll give you a minute to fan yourselves.

5. Oberyn Martell And Ellaria Sand

These two were so into each other. They didn't need marriage or political correctness to solidify their bond. They were passionate, free, and respected the crap out of one another. That's a true partnership, in my opinion. I think we all remember that scream that Ellaria let loose when she watched Oberyn's skull get crushed like an eggshell by The Mountain. Who can blame that lady for loosing her sh*t a little bit, right?

6. Catelyn Stark And Ned Stark

An enviable pairing, for sure. Even from the first episode, it was believable that Ned would never have strayed away from the bonds of marriage to father a bastard. He was far too loyal to Catelyn. They respected each other (a rarity for sure in Westeros), and all they wanted to do was be good parents and keep their family together. For a family that has seen the most tragedy, these two were still #goals, regardless of evreything that happened.

7. Tyrion Lannister And Shae

Before she became the worst and basically condemned him to death, their relationship was genuinely adorable. She saw him as her "Lion" and their time together seems loving and happy. Of course, now we know she was pretty damn spiteful, but before that whole scenario, their love was something to root for.

You see? There were plenty of long, now lost romances to root for in this gloomy place. Hopefully we will get a couple of more to root for over the next (and last) couple of seasons.

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