Britney's "Clumsy" Has An Unexpected Meaning

by Amy Mackelden

The release date of Britney Spears's new album Glory is fast approaching, and it's due out on August 26. Because Spears is basically the sweetest person that ever existed, she's not leaving us hanging that entire time, and has already made three of Glory's tracks available to stream. It's awesome to hear new music from the singer, particularly since everything we've heard so far from the album is so positive. The latest song to be released,"Clumsy," appears to hint that Spears is entering a new phase in her life, in which she's more confident, body positive, and embracing everything the world throws at her. Which is why Spears's"Clumsy" ties into the theme of Glory in a way you wouldn't expect.

The first two songs from Glory that were made available, "Private Show" and "Make Me...", are somewhat provocative, celebrating female sexuality and confidence. Spears told Entertainment Tonight that "Private Show" is "inevitably a sexy song and it promotes feeling sexy and girls feeling alive," and it definitely feels as though "Clumsy" was written in a similar vein. On the surface, the lyrics of "Clumsy" are about sex. But, when you delve a little deeper, Spears appears to be reflecting on some serious issues and ideas that bring a whole new meaning to the title of her new album.

While the majority of the lyrics in "Clumsy" discuss the protagonist having some fun "all over this bedroom," there's one refrain in particular that echoes several of the events in Spears' real life. The phrase "Call me a fool, Call me insane," which is repeated several times in the song, seems to refer to all of the critics in the "Perfume" singer's life. The pop star is no stranger to controversy and, having lived in the public eye since 1992, she's run the gamut of emotions for all to see. From heartbreak to personal tragedy to divorce, it's often seemed as though Spears has had so little privacy, especially during the moments she needed it most. Could the "Toxic" singer be calling out her critics with this line?

I love Spears's directness in "Clumsy," and the way in which she seems totally unafraid to speak to her listeners, both fans and haters. Instead of telling people to stop talking about her and spreading rumors, she urges them to continue. By asking the public to "Call me a fool, Call me insane," the singer is showing that she no longer cares what people think. Regardless of the opinions of strangers, she's going to continue to enjoy herself, and do what she wants to do. This message ties in with the title of Spears's album, Glory , perfectly. She is entering a new era of her career, one in which she's unashamed of her past, and ready to embrace her future. She knows that she's talked about, but it's not going to stop her doing the things that she loves. Spears is embracing her life in all its glory, the good and the bad.

With not long to go until Glory is released, "Clumsy" is the perfect taste of what's to come.