Best Friends Swapped Boyfriends & Everyone Got A Little Closer — VIDEO

How far would you go to bond with a bestie's S.O.? In the latest video offering from BuzzFeed Yellow, two best friends swapped boyfriends for a day to bring the couples *closer* together. Inspired by the TV show Wife Swap, this social experiment put the relationships of BuzzFeed staffers (and BFFs) Safiya and Freddie to the test. After a breakfast double date, each person picked an activity that they would normally do with their romantic partner on their day off (no sexy stuff tho). The four split into their new pairs and went off to get to know each other on a deeper level. Would the pairs hate each other? Fall madly in love? Only time would tell.

The boyfriends were surprisingly chill about the concept of the experiment. "Yeah, I don't care," Saf's BF Tyler said in an interview before embarking on the swap date. Freddie's S.O. Paul laughed, "This is great. I'm excited, it's gonna be funny." During the swap they ran a few errands (as normal couples have been known to do). Saf and Paul bought a car air freshener of the scent "light squash." "It smells like spring!" Paul exclaimed beaming, while the other couple drove to the local Pet Smart to buy vitamins for Crusty, Saf and Tyler's sick cat. Clearly, romance was in the air.

But there were many more fun couple activities ahead:

A Trip To The Mall!

Saf and Tyler take frequent trips to the mall, so that is where she chose to bring Freddie's S.O. for a little window shopping. Paul, a mall newbie, found Sephora and the LEGO Store overwhelming, but really came alive when they hit up the bookstore. Paul's takeaway: "Really solid Barnes and Noble."

A Hasty Cat Adoption!

While Freddie and Saf's S.O. Tyler were at the Pet Smart picking up cat pills, an adoption event was taking place. Freddie, overwhelmed by all the cuteness, quickly filled out adoption papers for a cat named Shinobi (gangster name: "shinasty"). When Paul learned what was going down over text he was unsure about how he felt about the whole situation.

A Skateboarding Adventure!

To soothe Paul's concerns about the prospective new cat, they visited his fave skate shop. Saf even tried out his board (named "Skate Junt") and tried to roll from one said of the shop's kitchen to the other. Unsuccessfully.

Boldly on YouTube

After a long few hours the exhausted couples reconvened, and assessed the day. "I thought it was fun that we all got along so well," Saf reflected. "It was cool to see that the friendship was transferrable." After spending the day with each other's girlfriends, the S.O.s felt like the experiment brought them closer together as bros. Freddie was especially excited, "I just think that the moral of the story is that ... I need to get this cat!" Her adoption went through and she is now the proud owner of Shinobi. Her S.O. isn't quite as thrilled, but Saf is doing her best to win him over, saying, "Paul, give it up, you're a cat daddy now."

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube