What Happens When Couples Swap Underwear

While some people get weird about seeing their partner's dirty laundry, others happily try it on. Or at least that's what Cosmopolitan recently had couples do— try on each other's underwear. It's like walking a mile in someone else's shoes, except probably way, way less hygienic.

I'm not totally sold on the idea. I mean, I think wearing your significant other's t-shirt or hoodie is fun and comforting and totally normal. But I've never been like— "Oh, I really want to know what your underwear feels like against my genitals!" Maybe that's because I'm in a lesbian relationship, so I sort of know the drill when it comes to ladies' underwear. Or maybe it's because I hardly ever wear underwear.

I have to say, the men seem a little more overwhelmed by the underwear swap. Probably some men's underwear is essentially built for comfort and women's underwear is built to floss our butt cheeks with lace. No wonder the women were excited about how comfortable the men's underwear is — even if it's a little... roomier.

You can see the full video here, which isn't really safe for work unless your work loves butt cheeks and pubes and an eggplant emoji covering a guys d*ck. May it's best to scroll down at home.

1. The Swapping Begins

Can I just say it looks like we're dealing with fancy underwear here? I think it would look a whole lot more realistic if some girl pulled out her period underwear.

2. So Much Leg Room

So, it's not really leg room. But when she says, "OK, I didn't realize they like, give you this much room." I think he's trying pretty hard not to take it personally.

3. The Superman

I think someone coached this man on standing proudly, even though "There's not a whole lot there." You show off, sir.

4. Total Confusion

"Are those on backwards?", both this guy and his girlfriend aren't sure if he got it right.

5. Full Moon

"Alright" — he only has word to deal with the amount of ass on show.

6. Maybe She Missed Her Calling

He's pretty sure his underwear "looks more like a sumo belt" on her, and I have to say he's pretty right.

7. A Perfect Fit

She seems to be the most pleased out of anyone, she says, "These are amazing." Men's underwear is just more comfortable. Fact.

8. "This Doesn't Work"

OK, we've now seen the flaw in the boxer briefs. Their Achilles heel is OTHER CLOTHES.

9. Just Not Working

"It feels very impractical"— the women's underwear aren't working so hot with the men's clothes either. But at least they tried.

Images: Cosmopolitan