The Steve-Centric 'Full House' Episode That Made You Fall For Him As Hard As D.J. Did

D.J. and Steve's relationship was one of the cutest on television in the '90s. Fans watched D.J. grow up and, in the process, we watched her fall in love with Steve. He may have been goofy, and he may have constantly raided the Tanners' kitchen, but Steve was the perfect boy-next-door. How could D.J. not have been smitten? As someone who swooned along with her, deciding which Steve-centric episode of Full House is the best is hard for me. However, I'm going to have to give the award to Episode 22 of Season 6, "Prom Night". Sure, this episode focused on Steve reuniting with his ex-girlfriend, but all of the drama from D.J.'s prom night came as a result of Steve's clear and obvious love for her.

Of course, it starts out giving you a pretty negative opinion of the boy in question. The episode begins with Steve running into his ex, Rachel, while out shopping for prom dresses with D.J. His reaction toward his ex — who happened to be trying on the same dress as D.J. — is definitely not OK. Even if D.J. wasn't standing right there, the fact that he would act that way around his ex when he was still with D.J. is just not cool.

However, as the episode goes on, it soon becomes clear that Steve's not at all interested in getting back with his ex. If fact, he needs to tell Rachel off after they win Prom Queen and Prom King, and she believes that's the perfect time to make her move. I know I'm not alone in becoming breathless with feels when hearing Steve's response to the unwarranted kiss: "I'm in love with D.J. She means everything to me."

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And yet, somehow, it only gets cuter from there. After a heartbroken D.J. storms off with some guy named Paul to get her revenge, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky come to the rescue, getting D.J. and Steve alone so they can talk everything out. When D.J. confronts him on Rachel being his first love, his response to her is, "I thought she was my first love, but I was wrong. I didn't even know what love was until I met you." OMG, is this real life? OK, it's not, but it's real life for D.J., and I melted right along with her. Seriously, it's hard to not turn into a puddle of tears when they say "I love you" to one another.

Yes, Steve does make some mistakes over the course of the episode. However, he realizes what he has and makes the right choice in the end. I could talk about how perfect his reconciliation with D.J. is all day, so just try watching it all play out for yourself. You'll need to have an entire box of tissues at your disposal, and, if you're in public, proceed with the utmost caution. A nice, long ugly cry might be in your future before the credits start to role.

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Honestly, after revisiting this episode, I'm starting to believe that D.J. and Steve need to end up together in Fuller House, too. Sometimes young love is the forever kind of love.

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