Steve's Best Moments On 'Full House' To Get You Even More Excited That He's Joining The Reboot — VIDEOS

It is getting harder and harder to believe in love nowadays, with guys being creepy online and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner getting divorced. But one thing is giving us hope — Steve is joining the Full House reboot. Yes, Scott Weinger himself tweeted a picture of his place at the table read, and it looks like all our faves will be back in our lives next year. If there is one thing that made us believe in love when we were kids — and will make us believe in true love again — it's D.J. Tanner and Steve Hale.

Steve was the bae of our childhoods, and we can't wait to have him back. Not only was Steve a cutie — and the frickin' voice of Aladdin — he blended with the Tanner family perfectly. He had a great rapport with Danny, and even Stephanie gave him limited sass. Michelle tried to marry him, and the King of Cool Uncle Jesse was on great terms with him.

With Steve joining Fuller House, it is likely that he and D.J. will rekindle their romance. Here are videos of his best moments to get you pumped for the Tanner family's return, and to begin rekindling your love for the show.

Steve and Michelle's Wedding

L a r i s s a on YouTube

Steve is a good sport, up until it interferes with missing his mom's meatloaf, and going to Chuck E. Cheese for the honeymoon.

Steve's Sexy Nostril Flare

Queen6429 on YouTube

You'll want a tender moment alone, and he'll accidentally destroy your kitchen with a kiss.

Steve Get Blocked by Michelle

L a r i s s a on YouTube

"Don't mind me. Kiss! Kiss!" Once again, he's a good sport.

Steve as Aladdin

Aladdinsgenie886 on YouTube

This is a clever inside joke, because Scott Weinger was actually the voice of Aladdin in the 1992 film. In the episode "The House Meets the Mouse" the Tanners (and Kimmy, obviously) go to Disney World, and D.J. thinks she sees Steve next to the magic lamp.

Steve's Ghost Story

SamWinchesterPhanGirl11 on YouTube

"He's not my husband," DJ says. "Not yet!" Michelle responds. Perhaps this is a clue from way back about what will happen on Fuller House. Steve is adorable with the Chickadees, and gets super into telling the story.

The Final Scene

Full House Forever on YouTube

Makes you cry every time. His entrance applause was well-deserved, and so is D.J.'s happy ending. Oh man, and he's a total dreamboat in his prom gear. Having Steve back in our lives on Fuller House will be a dream come true.

Image: ABC (1)