Pornhub Gives Itself A Bad Lip Reading Video Series With 'Porndubs'

In its ever-growing suite of #content, Pornhub has branched out yet again, this time creating its own web series entitled "Porndub." "Porndub" essentially boils down to bad lip readings of Pornhub videos, starring such industry heavy hitters as Belle Knox and Asa Akira, with frequently hilarious results. In recent months, Pornhub has expanded beyond its humble beginnings into humanitarian efforts like college scholarship funds, health initiatives like offering Rio Olympics attendees free premium memberships and condoms to halt the spread of Zika Virus, and sex-positive advertising with heartwarming holiday commercials sharing the gift of porn with the whole family. It even spearheaded a brief Save the Whales (by watching porn) campaign.

"Porndub" is another foray into SFW video production, featuring goofy parodies of different porn scenes with dubbed over dialogue. Pornhub spokesperson Chris Jackson told Daily Dot, "We are huge fans of the genre and thought that porn would lend itself well to the overdub treatment."

Some of the jokes are suspect, with some weirdly-toned gay stuff and ableist jabs present in the series' first installment. And one of the scenes features James Deen, when he has been widely shunned by the industry for the rape allegations against him. But there are some refreshingly woke highlights in the first episode, too.

For example, one of the scenes features a white female cop showing up at a black man's home, insisting that she isn't racially profiling him and that she has "three or four black friends." ("Man, I don't give a sh*t!" he replies.) Another shows a creepy, grunting male news anchor fondling a fully over it female meteorologist (clearly just trying to do her job and report on the weather) who dryly quips, "Um, you know I have an advanced degree in meteorology...right?" So at least we know Pornhub doesn't condone workplace sexual harassment.

Other clips poke fun at the notoriously cheesy art direction of porn, like one scene of a woman on the phone, passionately advocating for landlines over cell phones. ("I can use it when the power goes out! Which is nice!")

Overall, it's a pretty comically self-aware first showing of a web series that Pornhub plans to continue making installments of every few weeks. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel (which is, of course, SFW) to keep up.

Images: Screenshots/YouTube (3)