How Olympic Attendees Can Get Free Adult Films

The Rio Games kick off this week, and, in an effort to stop the spread of the potentially devastating and sexually transmitted Zika virus, Pornhub is offering free porn to Olympics attendees. Undeniably, we see an influx of tourists to each host city during the Olympic Games, so naturally Rio has to worry about the Zika Virus. The mosquito-borne, sexually transmitted virus has been linked to causing microcephaly in babies whose mothers contracted the disease while pregnant.

And we know the Olympic Games are a place where a lot of celebratory sex (and McDonald's) happens among the athletes once the stress and pressure of competing in their particular event have passed; therefore, there's understandably a growing concern that the Olympics may trigger a global Zika outbreak, with attendees contracting the virus locally and spreading it once they return home. The CDC has already urged pregnant women not to travel to Brazil, and NBC's Savannah Guthrie has notably opted out of her usual anchoring gig for this year's Games because she's pregnant.

Doing its part to stop the spread of Zika: Pornhub. The free porn provider has often stepped up to sponsor various philanthropic efforts — like college scholarship funds and saving the whales — to inject a tiny bit of humanitarianism into the typically seedy brands of such porn "tube" sites.

For the Rio Olympics, they'll be offering free premium streaming services to the entire city of Rio de Janiero, including Olympic athletes and attendees, in an effort to discourage folks from having sex. Pornhub's statement on the "OOOLYMPICS" initiative states:

The authorities are recommending abstinence in order to combat Zika. That’s not so easy in the world’s sexiest city. So, in order to help you avoid temptation, we are offering free Pornhub Premium memberships to anyone who is in Rio during the games. That way, even though you’ll have to dedicate yourself to only individual sports these Olympics, you’ll still feel like a champion.

And, in the "spirit of the games," Pornhub will allow visitors in Rio to select the country they're "representing" to compete for the most signups. The website also offers practical safer sex tips to prevent the spread of Zika, should Pornhub visitors still choose to engage in partnered sex. Pornhub team members will be on the ground in the Olympic Village, passing out "Zika protection kits consisting of bug spray, tissues, and lube as well as actual Pornhub Premium gift cards," and the Olympics themselves always offer athletes plenty of condoms.