Leslie Jones Cheers Aly Raisman At The Olympics

by Celia Darrough

You might have heard about Leslie Jones' love of the Olympics. It's so strong, in fact, that NBC invited her to come to Rio and comment on the Games in person. She hasn't let any of us down, either. In fact, when Leslie Jones cheered on Aly Raisman at the Olympics, it was a hilarious and patriotic reminder of how necessary it was to bring Jones to Brazil.

"She's number one on the balance beam, baby! Let's go, Aly! Let's go, Aly! Team USA!" Jones yelled as Raisman prepared to step on the beam. Along with her patriotic chants, the video also included what appears to be Jones' very own filter, with an animated version of her in a full-on American flag outfit. Jones has posted several videos from Rio after arriving earlier Thursday and seemingly heading straight for the individual all-around gymnastics final, saying "we bout to go see the USA kill it."

Raisman did, in fact, go on to slay the balance beam as Jones predicted. After a beautiful routine, she dismounted with a double tucked Arabian, considered the most difficult beam dismount, according to WOGymnastikA. And it sure helps to have a celebrity like Jones cheering for you in the stands to give you an extra boost of confidence.

It's awesome to have Jones in Rio providing the commentary that she was providing from home. With her slay all day shirt and her hilarious Twitter videos, she's giving life to those of us at home who weren't so lucky to make it to Brazil.