When To Score Jessica Simpson's Fitness Sneakers

It's not always easy to find cute gym shoes, so if you heard the news that Jessica Simpson is branching out into athletic shoes, according to Us Weekly, you were probably pretty stoked. But what's the deal? When can you buy Jessica Simpson's fitness sneakers? Turns out, you have a little bit of a wait, but it's not too long. Start getting excited!

Simpson already has a pretty popular athleisure line, the Warm Up, and now she's taking it to the next-level, expanding into a line of fitness sneakers. And they are beyond cute. The new collection features sneakers in a wide selection of bright colors and animal prints, so bold is definitely the theme here. If you're sick of boring workout shoes, this line is not going to let you down.

But it gets even better, because the shoes are actually really affordable. The sneakers range in price from $69 to $89, so it's definitely something you're going to want to get your hands on when it drops. But when exactly is that? The new collection will hit Macy's stores,, and this fall, so it's only about a month or so away. Time to start planning what you're going to buy!

I mean, look how cute.

Slay. I could only hope to look that fierce while rocking them.

Neon lovers, get ready.