'The Bachelor' Juan Pablo Might Be the Worst in History but People Sure Did Tune In

From what I gather from the Interwebs today, the following happened last night on television: Oscar winner Alfonso Cuaron debuted a new series about a plucky supernatural child in Believe (hey remember when he directed Harry Potter?), and everyone (but not as many as last week) watched The Bachelor. The Voice happened, too, but The Bachelor ratings were better.

The Bachelor, with the Juan Pabloness of it all — and Lucy "The Free Spirit" Aragon livetweeting from the Bustle Twitter account — beat out The Voice with its "After the Final Rose" show, if only by a decimal: It was 3.8 vs. 3.7, and The Bachelor came out ratings victorious, even if we're all still side-eyeing Juan Pablo. To put it more simply, The Bachelor drew 9.6 million for the finale, and about 11 million for "After the Final Rose."

As for How I Met Your Mother, they followed up the "IS THE MOTHER DEAD?!?!?" fan hysteria they triggered last week with a half rating's point decline — maybe because The Mother herself was all "haha, no" when she talked about the theory. That's gotta take the suspense and/or panic out of watching the show, no? But they still pulled in a 2.7, which is pretty solid. It's also what Believe pulled in for its debut episode over at NBC.

So, congrats to Juan Pablo? Sure.