Lucy's Teaming Up With Us To Live-Tweet Finale!

Attention Bachelor Nation, we have HUGE news! Lucy Aragon, better known as Lucy the Free Spirit, will be live-tweeting the Bachelor finale for Bustle! We are so excited! Can you tell by how many exclamation points I've used so far? Lucy is hilarious and has first-hand insight into the show, so this should be amazing. She'll be in charge of Bustle's Twitter on Monday, March 10 from 8 until 10 p.m. so be sure to follow us. If you do it just because of Lucy, we totally understand.

There are a few reason's Lucy is a great choice for your Bachelor live-tweeting needs. Here are five of them:

1. Her Name Is Lucy The Free Spirit

Well, her real name is Lucy Aragon, but she had the best Bachelor occupation in the history of the show. (My apologies, Lauren the Mineral Coordinator.) "Free Spirit?" Is that even a job? Lucy thinks so and she embodied this title throughout her time on the show. Just look at her up there with her flower crown and her bare feet on Juan Pablo.

2. She Doesn't Hold Back

If you saw Lucy on The Bachelor, then you know she enjoys being naked. And that was not just for the show. One look at Lucy's Instagram shows that she actually is naked ALL THE TIME. Somehow her hair always falls perfectly over her chest giving her just the amount of modesty she needs... to not be kicked off of Instagram. If she's this open to the world about herself, just imagine how willing she'll be to talk about Clare, Nikki, and Juan "Besitos" Pablo.

3. She Wrote A Hilarious Song About Juan Pablo

It's called "Ess Okay" and it's amazing.

4. She's Proven Herself As A Tweeter

5 .She Will Call Juan Pablo Out On His Bullsh!t

During the Women Tell All episode, Lucy got serious and told Juan Pablo, "It's not a game, this is a relationship." She might be easygoing, but Lucy still calls it when she sees it.

So don't forget. Monday. 8 p.m. Bustle's Twitter. Lucy the Free Spirit. BE THERE!

Image: ABC