19 Totally Unique Septum Ring Designs

by Summer Arlexis

Over the past few years, septum rings have rapidly risen to popularity. Whether real or faux, they're popping up on the faces of the hottest celebs and passersby in our everyday lives alike. With all of the different styles, colors, and materials out there, there are some pretty unique septum ring designs floating around.

What makes septum piercings so cool is arguably their versatility. No longer strictly associated with edgy, grungy types, septum rings are for everyone. They can be as dainty or grandiose as a piercing lover desires, giving them the ability to stand out or be easily concealed.

Celebs like Jordin Sparks, Jessica Biel, and Ellie Goulding are proof that dainty rings are extremely stunning. Then there are trendsetters like Zoë Kravitz and Rihanna, whose badass nose jewelry makes me want to go grand and intricate with my future septum ring choices.

As beautiful as simple nose jewelry can be, it just doesn't compare to some of the more extraordinary septum rings, stacks, and chains adorning faces today. While septum rings are having their moment, check out these 19 piercings that are full of originality and flare. Don't be surprised if they entice you to go under the needle yourself.

1. Quadruple Stack

Layering on multiple rings is a surefire way to take your septum piercing to the next level. Mixing and matching pieces makes for a unique look that would be difficult for someone else to imitate.

2. Silver Omega

An alternative to traditional hoops, omega septum rings always have pizazz.

3. Loop-de-Loop

I'm loving every single curve of this beautiful gold septum jewelry.

4. Septum To Chandelier Earring

The addition of a chain connecting to a chandelier-style earring gives this septum ring such an elegant look.

5. Royal Ring

As stunning as this septum piercing is, this style is fit for a queen.

6. Golden Beauty

The intricate design of this septum makes it such an original piercing. It flares from the nostrils perfectly.

7. Subtle Drop Shape

You could never go wrong with septum jewelry as captivating as this piercing.

8. Golden Goddess

How could you not fall in love with such a gorgeous piece of jewelry? This septum ring is giving me life.

9. Septum To Ear Gauge Chain

This septum to gauge jewelry isn't something you see every day, making it a totally unique piercing. Those jewel beetle wings hanging from the septum chain are everything!

10. Stone Filled

The blingier, the better! Considering that diamonds are a girl's best friend, this septum ring is a winner.

11. Lovely Gems

Colored gems definitely spice up a plain septum ring. With all of the gold and silver styles we're so used to seeing, it's refreshing to peak at a septum ring with a pop of color.

12. Decorated Hoop

This septum ring is adorned with enough beads to make it stand out.

13. Drop Shaped Septum

It's safe to say I'm in love with this intricate septum. The drop shape draws attention to the lips in all the right ways.

14. Stunning Septum Chain

The dark metal of this septum chain is absolutely breathtaking. I can't take my eyes off of it.

15. Beaded Stack

This septum stack has the perfect combination of rings. The beaded septum ring complements the plain hoops so well.

16. Bling-Bling

Dainty septum rings, step aside: This blingy jewelry deserves some praise.

17. Gorgeous Clicker

Although this septum ring keeps things on the simpler side, it's beautifully unique nonetheless.

18. Double Rings

The only way to beat one hoop is with two intertwining hoops. This combination makes for a super original septum ring aesthetic.

19. Multiple Chain Links

Undoubtedly, this septum chain switches things up in a major way. The sweeping chains work overtime as earrings and a necklace, too.

If you're itching to add this piercing to your collection now, consider decorating your nose with some rare jewelry like these daring septum ring wearers have done. You'll be sure to turn heads if you take the plunge.

Image: Courtesy gypsewarriortribe0/Instagram (1)