H&M Beauty's Precious Glow Is All About Shimmer

We're in the throes of oppressive summer heat and humidity. This sticky air leads to makeup melting mishaps and unwanted shine on my face. Sweat is not supposed to be a hack, dupe, or suitable substitute for "dewy glow." I want glimmer and glow from products, like H&M Beauty's Precious Glow Makeup Collection. The limited edition, Fall 2016 range, designed expressly for eyes and lips, is out now. What's in the H&M Precious Glow Collection?

According to the press release Bustle received from H&M, the range features Gilded Brow Tints, Fluid Foil Eye Colors, the All Things Precious Eye Quad, Treasured Eye Gems, Metallic Lip Colors, and Dazzle Lip Toppers. I'll pause for a moment to let that sink in.

When the temps drop, you want luminous skin, along with a lovely dose of radiance, sparkle, shimmer, and shine, which this collection certainly allows for. Just make sure your base aka your face is well-moisturized before applying these prods.

The Precious Glow collection is currently available at the H&M site and select stores nationwide. Let's break down the contents, shall we? The beauty of this collection is that you can keep things natural by using a light touch with the products and highlight key features. Or you can go majorly glam with the buildable Fluid Foils and the metallic brow tint.

Fluid Foil Eye Color, $10, H&M

There are four shades of high-shine, pigmented, and sheer liquid eyeshadow. You dispense it from a dropper and apply to lids. There's Pop the Cork (champagne gold), Bell Bronze (copper-toned bronze), Aubergine Alchemy (burnished, purple-brown), and Queen of the Skies (midnight blue). So you can go natural with a wash of color or go totally decadent and bold. I'd like to see how this product works as a cheek highlight, perhaps...

All Things Precious Eye Quad , $13, H&M

Go for the gold. Or the silver. Or the bronze. Or the brown! Or all four.

Gilded Brow Tint , $8, H&M

Add a dose of melted metallic glow to brows with Spun Gold, Electrum, or Silver Sapphire.

Treasured Eye Gems, $7, H&M

OMG! You can have so much fun with this pot of different sized and shaped jewels. There is no wrong way to use this!

Metallic Lip Color, H&M

There are six shades. Take your pick!

Dazzle Lip Topper, $7, H&M

The toppers come in holographic colors you can wear a la carte. Or if you want to punch up a favorite lipstick or lip hue, swipe a layer or two of this baby over top and reinvent your old standby lip shade.

With this collection, you have several products in plenty of colors that ensure you will glow properly this fall.

Images: Courtesy of HM (7)