Prabal Gurung X Toms Is Worth The Buy

by Augusta Statz

You’re probably already on board with the whole "get a pair, give a pair" concept that drives this brand, but now that they’ve gone a collaborated with a super chic designer, you’ve got the perfect excuse to snag a pair of these shoes. How much is Prabal Gurung X Toms? Well, you’ll be happy to know that these designer pieces won’t break the bank.

These shoes are in the $59-$129 price range, and when you make a purchase, you’ll be helping to raise money for the Shikshya Foundation in Nepal. For every pair of shoes bought, $5 goes towards education for underprivileged children and the rebuilding of Nepal, according to the Toms website. That's not the only thing that makes this collection special, either. Nepal is Gurung’s hometown and a large source of his design inspiration, the website states, which only causes this collection to be even more unique.

Choose from four different styles including everything from classic Toms slip-ons to furry boots. Whether you’re into colorful prints or sleek sneakers, there’s a little something for you in this collection. Plus, knowing that you’re raising money for a good cause makes it easier to want to add a new pair of shoes to your collection, doesn’t it? Yeah I thought so. Get to shopping at the Toms website now.

The collection is full of bold, fun prints.

1. Black Snow Leopard Sneakers

Black Snow Leopard PG Del Rey Sneakers, $98, Toms

These leopard-printed sneakers are just too cool. There's no way you wouldn't want to be caught walking around in them.

2. White Snow Leopard Classics

White Snow Leopard PG Classics, $65, Toms

If you're looking for the ultimate combination of chicness and comfort, these shoes are your dream come true.

3. Black & Red Fair Isle Classics

Black And Red Fair Isle PG Classics, $59, Toms

Make the ultimate stylish statement this summer in a pair of patterned slip-ons.

4. Suede Contrast Nepal Boots

Suede Contrast PG Nepal Boots, $129, Toms

Fur-covered boots have never looked so good. Besides, you can't pass up the chance to own designer boots at such an affordable price, you know?

Like I said, cute shoes, great cause. There's no going wrong here.

Images: prabalgurung/Instagram (1); Courtesy Toms (4)