This is What JP Told Clare in the Chopper

by Anna Klassen

Ugh. What a sleazy, sleazy, ball of McSleaze. On Monday night's Bachelor finale, Juan Pablo Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell to give his final rose to, but he did not offer her a ring or even an "I love you." And on the "After the Finale Rose" ceremony, he still couldn't utter those three small words as the pair sat uncomfortably on a couch next to one another. But this unforeseen ending wasn't the biggest headline-making moment of the night. During Juan Pablo's final one on one date with Clare, the 32-year-old hair stylist whom he ultimately denied, he said something nasty to her in the helicopter. Clare told the cameras she was offended and shocked, but wouldn't say exactly what words came from J.P.'s mouth. So what did Juan Pablo actually say to Clare in the helicopter? According to US Weekly, Juan Pablo told Clare: "I love f*cking you but I don't know you."

The source also said that Clare is "totally over" J.P. "She is done with him and relieved that they are not together."

Yikes. There have certainly been a number of WTF moments on this season of The Bachelor, but Juan Pablo's unfiltered and candid mouth certainly has gotten him into more trouble than other Bachelor boys. What he said to Clare was extremely offensive and either highlights just how ignorant he is, or just how blatantly malicious he can be. Either way, it's not a good look.

Good luck, Nikki. You'll need it.