Hiddleswift Is Instagram Official

by Michelle McGahan

Forget the Hiddleswift Romance World Tour. Forget Tom Hiddleston's "I <3 T.S." tank top. Forget the fact that they've met each other's friends and family. Those were all important steps in the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston relationship, sure, but they pale in comparison to this, the ultimate sign of true love: Swift and Hiddleston now follow each other on Instagram. Gasps all around, I know.

Hiddleston finally joined the 21st century (er, Instagram) this week, so it comes as no surprise that he and Swift are now following each other on the photo-sharing app. Like being ~Facebook Official~, everyone knows that the mark of any true relationship is when you start following each other on social media, because in addition to seeing your love IRL, now this means you get to stalk them on the Internet, too. Plus, there's no doubt that T. Swift's follow boosted Hiddles' own following — he's up to 786,000 followers and counting — so it was a good PR move for him as well. And it's not like Swift just follows anyone: She has a select group of 85 she's following, and of Hiddleston's 17 (lol) his girlfriend is obviously numero uno.

So, what can we expect now that Hiddleston and Swift are following each other on the 'gram? Maybe some comments and likes on each other's photos, for one. Or, at long last, maybe even a photo straight from the couple themselves. Because while we've seen many pictures from paparazzi and others (like T. Swift's long time best friend; see above), I'm personally still holding out for that first Hiddleswift Instagram selfie. That would just makes things even more Instagram official than they already are.

Of course, Swift wasn't the only one to welcome Hiddleston to the 'gram: His Avengers co-star Robert Downey, Jr. did so in perhaps the most memorable way, sharing a photo of the actor in his "I <3 T.S." tank top and commenting about how the initials really stood for his character, Tony Stark. Now — well, now it's just T. Swift's turn to publicly shout out her boo. Maybe an Instagram story with Hiddleston? MAKE IT HAPPEN, HIDDLESWIFT.