Want a 'Cosby Show' Reunion? Don't Hold Your Breath

Vampires, autopsies, illicit White House affairs, drug deals gone bad, fake fights and romances--this is the stuff of which today's popular TV shows are made. The beloved series of present are a far cry from the family-friendly issues tackled on The Cosby Show. But anyone longing to catch up with the Huxtables in 2014, or wondering if Denise ever regretted dropping out of Hillman will just have to wait...forever. Apparently, Bill Cosby has no interest in bringing back the good ole days.

The Cosby Show would definitely be a breath of fresh air for today's programming, but where would it fit in? And would anyone watch it?

Considering the fact that this list of "Wholesome Family Programming" mostly features shows from 30+ years ago, it kind of suggests that a show aligned with the word "wholesome" wouldn't stand a chance amongst a modern-day lineup. Even a recent, popular show that earned widespread comparisons to The Cosby Show has a hip-hop spin on it, which more than likely wouldn't sit well with Cosby, who prefers a more watered-down version of the musical genre, minus the rampant curse words and misogyny.

Even President Obama's list of favorite TV shows isn't necessarily of the family variety and even includes a few shows that probably aren't suitable for the first daughters' eyes or ears.

Despite some protests that demand more positivity on TV, numbers prove where viewers' interests lie. That said, I have to agree with Cosby--I just don't see it for a Cosby Show reunion. Despite the finality of this news, fans of Cosby shouldn't be disheartened. There are always those wonderful reruns and most of the cast members are still actively working. In the end, Bill Cosby is coming back to TV, but unfortunately the Huxtables aren't invited.