These Kerri Strug Quotes Are The Best

Kerri Strug is a name that will never be forgotten in the sport of gymnastics — possibly in the field of athletics as a whole. The two-time Olympian and gold medal winner went down in the history books for her miraculous 1996 Games performance, where she performed on the vault with an injured ankle and helped Team USA bring home the gold. These Kerri Strug quotes serve as a reminder of why this tiny champion was able to bring America to its feet with her fierce determination.

Strug's Olympic journey was anything but typical. She made it to the 1992 Olympics at just 14 years old, making her the youngest on the team. But it was at the 1996 Olympics that Strug went down in the history books. She had two chances on the vault and needed to do well if her team was to take home the gold. She fell and injured her ankle landing the first vault, leading to concern that the second attempt wasn't even possible. The then-18-year-old mustered every bit of strength and bravery she could, did her second vault, and stuck the landing — nearly on one foot.

While Strug's days as a gymnast are over, this historic day will never die; and her perseverance and determination live on in these memorable quotes.

1. "I always know on the 23rd of July, I kind of know that this is the day my life changed."

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2. "Enjoy the journey because it will be here and over before you know it."

3. "Persistence, perseverance, precision."

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4. "Being a mom is the greatest accomplishment of my life."

5. "I’ve had so many opportunities that I never even dreamed were possible for me."


6. "I wouldn’t say that I do anything special. But I'm definitely reminded every year."

7. "There will always be a special place in my heart for the Olympic Games."


8. "I felt pain, sacrifice, but more than those emotions... joy."

9. "The feeling of satisfaction I had knowing I achieved my lifelong dream was incredible."

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10. "Life is gonna throw you curve balls and it's how you deal with them and your attitude and your work ethic."

11. "Everyone says that once you have children you just can't imagine life without them and that's so true. They're my everything."

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