Swatch Of ABH Strawberry Lipstick Are Gorgeous

by Kali Borovic

Fall is approaching fast, but that doesn't mean the end of brightly colored lips. According to Snapchat, Anastasia Beverly Hills created another summer lipstick, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The launch date isn't set in stone, but swatches of ABH's Strawberry Liquid Lipstick will get you excited to shop.

I guess there's no way to embrace the end of summer than by investing in a gorgeous lip color. While other brands have quickly changed gears into fall launches, ABH is sticking with summer shades until the very end. After all, there really are no rules when it comes to makeup. This gorgeous melon meets coral color will look equally as gorgeous no matter what season you wear it.

According to Claudie Soare's (AKA Norvina) Snapchat, this color will be launching exclusively on the ABH site in about three weeks. Although there's no exact date, you can look for these sometime during the last week in August. There's no telling if this is a permanent product or not, so I'd make sure to mark your calendars. After seeing the this color, you'll definitely want to stock up. It might look like a bold lip color, but the soft undertones make it completely wearable. Don't just take my word for it though, see for yourself.

I told you it was pretty! They couldn't have picked a better name for it either. The color matches the strawberry emoji perfectly. The swatches are just as gorgeous as the packaging too.

I could look at this color all day long. Plus it's so pigmented that this would look great on a variety of different skin tones. Does it get much better than this? Well, actually it does.

It turns out that it's pretty long-wearing too. Norvina took to Snapchat a few hours after she did the original swatches to show just how stay-proof the color is. Now that's something to be excited about, people!

On the left is a photo of it wet and the right is how it dries down. It looks a lot more neon when it's first applied. Either way it's completely gorgeous.

Bottom line — you won't want to miss this launch. I'm willing to bet that they fly off the virtual shelves.

Images: Norvina/Snapchat (5)