Are Kylie's Summer Shades Limited Edition? You'll See These Lippies Again Soon

Despite the fact that these lippies sold out in mere minutes, you shouldn't be too upset if you weren't able to purchase them, just yet. Not only were Maliboo and Kristen restocked once already, the brand just also announced more good news. Are Kylie Jenner’s summer shades limited edition? You can go ahead and count these Lip Kits as part of the permanent collection.

Jenner announced via Twitter that the three summer shades are “here to stay.” So, just because all of the shades are not available at the moment, doesn’t mean they’ll be gone forever. And apparently, that’s just part of what this makeup maven has in store for us. Her #summersurprises just keep on giving. She announced that on July 25, Kylie Cosmetics fans are going to receive major news. She’s given no clue as to what the news will be about, but whatever it is, it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

Being a fan of the Kylie Cosmetics brand really pays off. Not only do you get the opportunity to shop incredible lip products, but you can also count on the fact that Jenner is always working hard to keep her fans happy. And now that I know I’ll be able to keep shopping Kristen, Ginger and Maliboo (plus have even more unknown goodies to look forward to), I’d say I’m one satisfied customer! Aren’t you?!

Summer shades year-round? I've got no problems with that.

If you weren't quick enough to get these when they first dropped, you'll still have plenty of chances to scoop them up.

And if that doesn't make your day, the fact that there are even more surprises in store surely will!

Because I think it's pretty much official. Whatever Jenner puts out is going to be great.

She sure is on a roll so far, at least.

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)