This Norwegian Child Sings Like Billie Holiday & It's Damn Enthralling — VIDEO

It's a good week for, of all things, Norway's Got Talent. On the show, a little girl sang like Billie Holiday, and it's sweeping the viral world because it's 1) a tiny child, 2) there's pretty singing, and 3) there's a tiny child singing pretty. Her name is Angelina Jordan Astar, and you're going to want to remember that.

We've all been down this "[Insert type of person here] surprises world on talent program" road before, as well as the road of "tiny child does something you might not even be able to do as an adult!", so let's sweep aside the prerequisite surprise and just bask in how pleasant it is to hear this 7-year-old girl sing. Because, honestly? It's just a joy. And a treat. And everything in between.

Who wants to bet she'll book an Ellen stop by the end of the week? And then who knows from there. World stardom? A stint as a judge on the Voice? Rehab?

Below you can see little Angelina Jordan Astar singing her heart out on Norway's Got Talent.

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And another incredibly talented young child whom Astar reminded me of: Maisy Stella, here aged seven, singing "'Til There Was You":

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