Paulie Doesn't Want To Go To The 'BB18' Jury

by Allie Gemmill

Holy smokes, folks. If you've been waiting for the drama and meltdowns on Big Brother 18, then this Sunday's episode was the one for you. The show's narrative timeline did a quick shift, with the viewers getting taken back to the week leading up to double eviction night where literally All. The. Drama. involving Paulie on Big Brother 18 happened. During double eviction night, there were allusions to Paulie's treachery towards Natalie, which might have left some viewers scratching their heads about what exactly was happening. Then on Aug. 14, we finally got the curtain pulled back and were able to witness his big fall from grace, culminating in his nomination for eviction.

It all started with Natalie. Someone give her a hug and nickname her Carl Bernstein, because she was out to expose Paulie for good. After she dished on Paulie's uncomfortably flirtatious ways to Zakiyah and James, word got back to Paulie. Then, he was unnecessarily inflammatory and offensive towards Natalie by commenting on her looks and promising she'd be evicted. Paulie's derogatory treatment of Natalie quickly became a point of contention with the other Big Brother houseguests, giving him a big, big target on his back and rightly so.

Now, with Paulie on the block and the threat of eviction looming large, he has confided in Nicole that he is very worried about being in the jury house, leading some viewers — and Nicole — to believe he may actually self-evict. This moment was caught on the live feeds in the days between double eviction night and the Aug. 14 episode, so unless you are constantly wired into the Big Brother matrix, you might have missed it.

The idea of being evicted only to get sent to the jury house sent Paulie into a tailspin. While alone with Nicole in the kitchen, he told her that he was "extremely claustrophobic" about the idea of being locked into the jury house. Repeating that there were only a few certain outcomes, his attitude towards ending up in the jury house was anything but excited. Since being evicted would send him to the jury house, if he really wants to avoid it, he may consider self-evicting if the tension continues to build in the house and his chances of eviction mount.

A self-eviction would be a first for the Big Brother 18 house but in this case, might be completely called for. Paulie knows himself better than anyone else and if he thinks he wouldn't be able to handle being in the jury house, it may be the best decision for him. A self-eviction would also mean that Corey could breathe a bit easier and not risk getting evicted. That would be another week done in the Big Brother house without any major fallout (e.g. alliances being broken up). Given what we've seen of Paulie's worries on TV and in the live feeds, leaving quietly instead of trying to brave life in the jury house with the people he helped evict might be a good option.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS