Kim Had An Accident But Don't Worry, She's Fine

The Kardashians are followed by cameras all the time whether it's for their reality show or by the paparazzi, so if a Kardashian gets in a car accident, it's not a stretch to wonder if the cameras had something to do with it. Kim Kardashian got in a car accident on Tuesday — Don't worry! She's fine! — but it appears that it was just a normal fender-bender. No paparazzi involved. No distractions in Kardashian's car. Just a simple mistake from another driver.

According to TMZ, Kardashian was driving her Mercedes G Wagon (aka super fancy SUV) on Sunset Boulevard and was planning to make a left turn at an intersection. A driver coming from the opposite direction was planning on making a right turn and had his right signal on, but went straight causing the cars to bump. Kardashian reportedly exchanged numbers and ended up giving the driver a hug. Neither Kardashian nor the driver were ticketed and Hollywood Life reports that the police never showed up.

It seems clear that this wasn't at all Kardashian's fault with eyewitnesses confirming to TMZ that the driver went straight without turning off their signal. Still, it makes you think about how often Keeping Up with the Kardashians includes car scenes. Sooooo often Kardashian-Jenner family members are filmed while driving their cars and talking on the phone. I once saw an episode where some Kardashians were driving (and being filmed, obviously) while talking about how paparazzi were following them. This is not a safe situation. If the show wants to make points about paparazzi being unsafe for celebrity drivers, which they definitely are, the argument would be stronger if they weren't driving around with cameras attached to their dashboards, reading through pre-established plots with cell phones in their hands.

Fortunately, Kardashian was fine, and an accident like this can happen to anyone, it's just bad if your first thought is, "Oh no! Was she Instagramming while being following by paparazzi with a camera in her face?"