Gunshots Were Reportedly Fired At JFK Airport

Police responded to reports of gunshots at JFK airport's Terminal 8 on Sunday night, according to PIX 11, and then again later at Terminal 1. However, the Port Authority told PIX 11 that it hasn't confirmed that any shots were in fact fired. Later in the night, according to the Associated Press, the Port Authority concluded the reports were unfounded after no evidence of a shooting was found.

Witnesses reported hearing two shots at around 9:30 p.m. ET in Terminal 8, and just after 10:00 p.m., there were additional reports of shots at Terminal 1. Both terminals were subsequently evacuated, according to NBC New York.

Police searched Terminal 8 for evidence of gunshots or a shooter, but Port Authority spokesperson Joe Pentangelo said that there's "no actual confirmation of shots fired," according to NBC New York. No injuries have been reported.

"Preliminary investigation does not indicate shots were fired at JFK. There are no injuries," Scott Ladd, an official with the Port Authority, told PIX 11. "At this time, no gun shells or other evidence of shots fired has been found. The terminal was evacuated out of an abundance of caution. Travelers should contact their carriers. There is substantial PAPD and NYPD presence at JFK and LGA. The investigation continues."

One traveler wrote on Twitter that their flight to JFK had been diverted to Buffalo, while video taken shortly after the evacuation showed large crowds of people gathered outside the airport.

Although there was no confirmation of shots fired or an active gunman, the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a "ground stop" at the airport, according to CNBC, which resulted in all inbound flights being grounded at their origins until 11:30pm EST.