How Much Is Urban Decay's NAKED Ultimate Basics Pa

Wanna get NAKED? Urban Decay is beloved for its palettes. One of the most adored collections is the brand's blockbuster NAKED range, which is full of wearable, universal nudes and neutrals, among other things. The NAKED lineup is getting a new addition in the form of the Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics Palette. What's different about this particular NAKED palette? Well, UD NAKED Ultimate Basics was crowd-sourced and it contains all matte shadows. The palette is coming on September 18, so you have plenty of time to examine your budget. If you decide to go commando and to make the purchase, your obvious next question is this: How much is the NAKED Ultimate Basics Palette?

The 12-pan palette, featuring a dozen brand new eyeshadows, one of which is a demi-matte designed for highlighting purposes, is $55. That shakes out to less than $5 a shadow, making this palette a total steal that won't crush your wallet. The palette will be available for sale via the Urban Decay site. You can also shop it online via,,, and It will be available at Sephora and Ulta locations, as well as select Macy's stores.

The brand created this collection of eyeshadows based on both emails and social media comments from its diehard, disciple-like Beauty Junkies. According to an email Bustle received from Urban Decay reps, UD fans and makeup mavens have been begging the brand to create more mattes in neutral shades, in addition to requesting more basics and more NAKED options.

Urban Decay answered the call and created this matte x neutral-packed palette. Reps also confirmed to Bustle that the UD NAKED Ultimate Basics palette includes neutral mattes will work with any and all skin tones. From light and cool tones to olive or darker complexions, this palette was designed to be complimentary.

It's gorge, isn't it? It's matte and all that.

The palette boasts a mirror and dual-ended brush. All of the shadows contained within will work in concert. But you can also pair them with other colors in your personal makeup stash or with some of the brighter, bolder colors in the massive Urban Decay repertoire, which boasts plenty of finishes.

The shades are wearable for the office, but there are darker hues than you can pile on and blend for your nighttime style. You can build the basics to take your look from day to night.

The NAKED Ultimate Basics Palette is welcome addition (or "edition?") to an already incredible lineup of limited and permanent palettes. It's also an excellent update to the NAKED range.

Watch Urban Decay's Wende Zomnir detail the palette in the video above.

According to the press materials, the colors in the NAKED Ultimate Basics palette are totally different from those that comprise the NAKED Basics and NAKED2 Basics palettes.

This collection is a range of true neutral mattes.

Image: Courtesy of Urban Decay (4); Wende Zomnir/Instagram (1)