Kylie & Jordyn Are #FriendshipGoals

by Michelle McGahan

Ah, to be young, rich, and have a social media following bigger than Texas: Such is the life of Kylie Jenner and BFF Jordyn Woods, who are basically the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for the Snapchat set. Any Jenner fan worth her salt is well aware of the super close role that Woods plays in the Lip Kit maven's life, in no small part because Jenner essentially Snapchats it all. And while Jenner and Woods' friendship has the backdrop of an impossibly luxe life — the two are frequently hanging at the KUWTK star's mansion and shower each other with the kind of lavish gifts us normies could only dream of one day working hard enough to earn — at the heart of their relationship is a genuine connection and legit relatability.

Sure, when these two give each other birthday presents they're ridiculous things like pets and luxury cars, but everyone knows the feeling of wanting to give their bestie the perfect b-day gift, right? And yeah, Woods may have access to Kylie Cosmetics before everyone else (*cue intense jealousy*), but at the end of the day, they're just two teens giving each other makeovers and laughing at their own silliness.

Check out Jenner and Woods' best BFF moments below.

1. When Kylie Bought Jordyn A $70,000 Mercedes

It's one thing to buy your friend a car for her birthday (which is a crazy big deal in its own right). But you know it's reached Kardashian levels of insanity when Jenner purchased a $70K Mercedes for Woods' 18th.

2. When Jordyn Bought Kylie A Puppy

Woods later returned the favor by gifting her bestie a puppy for Jenner's 19th birthday.

3. When They Got Matching Tattoos

Nothing says friendship quite like being inked for life.

4. When They FaceTimed Because They Were Apart

I, for one, have never seen Kylie Jenner so happy. Look at that grin!

5. When Kylie Showed Her True Love For Jordyn

And Woods felt the true meaning of friendship.

6. When Jordyn Was Totally Cool With Being The Third Wheel

Props to her, TBH.

7. When Jordyn Wore A Shirt With Her Bestie's Face On It

Doesn't everyone do this???

8. When Jordyn Had All Of Kylie's Makeup Before The Public

The perks of being Jenner's bestie? You don't have to worry about her makeup collection selling out in 30 seconds — you get that sh*t for free.

9. When They Did Each Other's Makeup

Like any ol' slumber party, only with Kylie Cosmetics.

10. When They Laughed Their Asses Off

Bestie requirements: LOLing IRL at the same things.

11. And When Jordyn's Selfies Took Up All Of Kylie's Camera Roll

Using up all of that precious phone space, just like any true BFF would.

Jenner + Woods = BFF4L.