How Did Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods Meet? Another Famous Family Was Involved

Like Khloé Kardashian has Malika Haqq and Kim Kardashian has Jonathan Cheban, Kylie Jenner has a few sidekicks of her own — and it's not limited to her sister, Kendall. These days, it seems pretty obvious that Jenner's current BFF is Jordyn Woods, especially when you notice how often she appears in Jenner's Snapchat stories and Instagram posts. But if you're new to the finer points of being obsessed with the Kardashian Klan, you might be a little confused about where she came from. How did Jenner and Woods meet? For now, that answer is inconclusive, because neither bestie has come forward with the story of their friendship's start.

But that doesn't mean all is lost. Since Jenner and Woods are prolific users of social media, there are plenty of photos on Jenner's Instagram that document their adorable friendship. The bad news: finding the first time Woods appeared in a photo with her is impossible, and I know because I tried. Fortunately, Woods' account is easier to tackle, and although it only goes back about three years into the past, Jenner's debut happened 119 weeks ago, while her final transformation in to the woman we know her as today was still in progress.

Unfortunately, this doesn't answer any questions about how they first met, but it at least shows that they've been pals for awhile, and filling in the blanks is pretty simple. OK, so the whole story is still a bit of a mystery, unless this Ask FM account is real, in which case the answer is "mutual friends." And that actually makes a lot of sense, because there's one big link between them: The Smith family. As you probably already know, Jenner has been close with Willow and Jaden for years, and Woods' fam is longtime friends with Will and Jada. Here's the ridiculously cute proof:

Chances are that the Smiths introduced Jenner and Woods, and they've lived happily ever after ever since. And these days, they're so close that she and Woods are actually roommates. Remember that gorgeous mansion Jenner bought a couple of years ago? Woods lives there, too, and so does their friend Anastasia Karanikolaou, according to a house tour she gave on her app that included a peek into their rooms. Um, jealous?! I want to move in!

But as much as I wish we could all live together in Jenner's mansion, she has not invited the rest of the world to join her. Instead, we must all follow her Instagram and watch from a distance. But fortunately, that's the easiest thing ever, because she posts pretty much constantly. More adorable BFF photos with Woods, please!