Juan Pablo Galavis Speaks Out After ‘Bachelor’ Finale With Photo & Bizarre Wolf Metaphor

Last night's Bachelor finale was interesting to say the least and "The most douchey finale in Bachelor history. Omg, you guys, did you see it?!?" to say the most. El Bachelor has kept quiet since the finale aired almost an entire 24 hours ago, but now he's broken his silence. Juan Pablo Galavis posted a photo of himself and Nikki Ferrell to his Instagram as well as a message to all of the haterz. The photo shows Nikki and Juan Pablo with huge smiles on their faces and is captioned, "We are FREE."

This message isn't surprising coming from Juan Pablo. On Monday before the finale he tweeted, "The day has COME… Finally TODAY the soap opera comes to an END…" This guy was ready for the show to be over and for good reason. He was a horrible bachelor — actually, he was a great bachelor entertainment-wise, he was a horrible person. Juan Pablo knows people feel this way which explains why he also Instagrammed a message that reads, "Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack." Um... unless he's going to finagle his way into Chris Harrison's job, he's not going to be leading any packs.

Juan Pablo, who is usually very outspoken (by which I mean, waaaayyyy too outspoken) on social media, didn't write anything following the finale until these posts. This was uncharacteristic, but he did declare that he is private about his relationship with Nikki on the "After the Final Rose" special. He's just a private guy who signed up to find love on national television and proceeded to kiss a ton of women and hurt almost as many feelings. A regular, private guy.

The now former bachelor was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America on Tuesday, but cancelled and Chris Harrison was sent in his place. This left Juan Pablo open to promote his immense "like" of Nikki in his own way: through an Instagram picture.

Earlier in the day, Nikki tweeted her own response to people harassing her online and, like Juan Pablo, she also posted a telling Instagram message.

Nikki ditching Juan Pablo as soon as "After the Final Rose" ended would have been shocking to no one, so it says something that they even look happy in the photo. If these two can survive all of Juan Pablo's screw ups on The Bachelor and in real life and make it through the massive amount of negative messages they're being pummeled with right now, maybe they really are meant to be.

Image: ABC; Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram; Nikki Ferrell/Instagram