Kim K Hasn't Changed Much Since Middle School

Other than her hairstyle, not much has changed about Kim Kardashian since middle school. That may sound like a bold statement, but thanks to a recent video, it's clear she was always meant to be a star. On her app, Kardashian posted her 8th grade graduation video and it is the ultimate throwback. While watching the clip may feel like hopping in a time machine back to the '90s, there's still a lot about the famous family that remains the same — mostly when it comes to the sisters' personalities. Before getting into that, here's Kardashian's description of what the video means to her:

This is a really special memory for me; it was the day of my middle school graduation ceremony. I was 13 years old here. So many of our family and friends came to congratulate me. Look at my haircut, guys!!!

As seen in the 1994 home movie, Kardashian is a natural in front of the camera. Just like nowadays, she is very matter-of-fact, but super confident too. Her dad, the late Robert Kardashian, jokes that she won all the awards and they just forgot to call her name. (Riiiiiight...) In the clip, she's already a pro at narrating her life and owning whatever style she's got. Sure, that short cut may not be her best hair ever, yet she totally makes it work. Most people had glasses or gawky braces in middle school, but unsurprisingly, she did not.

The full video is available to paid subscribers of her app, but you can watch a sneak peek above. Another highlight is that Kourtney Kardashian hasn't changed much either. She acts too cool for Khloé Kardashian, who steals the camera from their dad and begins recording. Is anyone surprised that Kourt doesn't want to be bothered by her little sis? Basically she's got that signature 'tude fans know and love.

As for Khloé, she's as spunky and outgoing as ever. She goes around and asks everyone to talk to her. She also refuses a cookie that Caitlyn tries to give her, so she must have taken her camera-filming duties seriously and didn't need any distractions.

Just in case you're dying to see more home movies, there's good news. This video was likely filmed the same day as that vintage Kardashian video Entertainment Tonight uncovered in 2014. She's got the same outfit — and the same attitude. In the clip below, a 13-year-old Kardashian throws a party to celebrate her graduation. She refers to herself as "dope on a rope" and brags about her popularity. She also foreshadows her own fame.

So if any kids wrote that classic "never change" message in Kim K's middle school yearbook, they've got nothing to worry about. All these years later, the reality star has barely changed a bit.