8 Genius Tips For Organizing Your Underwear Drawer

It was only until recently (like very recently), I decided that as a 25-year-old adult woman, I could no longer continue balling up laundry and throwing my clothes haphazardly into a drawer. I had to find a better way to organize my bra, underwear, and sock drawer. I’ve just always felt that doing laundry in and of itself was such a chore that I really didn’t have to spend a whole other day folding, right? But, as I’ve begun to invest in better quality underthings, it just didn’t make sense to throw them in a drawer like they were old washrags.

Instead, I’ve looked into investing in the best underwear organization tools I could find to make this task a less daunting one. When it comes to folding piles of undies, instead of giving myself carpel tunnel, I’ve looked into a handy Miracle Folder. And as an update to my usual chucking-everything-into-a-drawer, I’ve discovered dividers that make my underwear drawer look better than the freshly stocked drawers at your favorite lingerie store.

Look, pretty much all of us could probably use a little bit more organization in our lives, if only for our sanity, so if you know your underwear drawer could use a little more attention (or a lot more), read on for the best tips for organizing your bras, underwear, and socks.

1. Stop Balling Up Your Laundry

Like I said, I was the queen of throwing balled or semi-folded laundry into a drawer and calling it a day. With that practice, there's no way I would ever have an underwear drawer I could easily navigate. Finding a specific pair of underwear always led to a mad digging search.

2. Instead, Try Folding Underwear With A Miracle Folder

Flexifoil Miracle Fold, $15, Amazon

The first step to an organized underwear drawer is a clean, crisp fold. In order to get that, I rely on this little apparatus to do most of the heavy work for me. It's totally gratifying to have the perfect fold every time, and will make underwear fit more neatly in your drawer.

3. No More Room In The Drawer? Roll Your Socks In A Wall-Mounted Sockitumi Organizer

Sockitumi Vertical Sock Organizer and Dispenser, $15, Amazon

Everyone knows that socks are the mystery of the laundry and undergarment world — they're always disappearing. With this vertical organizer (and dispenser!), you won't have to keep them balled in a corner and risk losing them to the great unknown. Install it out of the way inside of your closet or behind your door to take advantage of unused space.

4. Or, Use A Modern Honeycomb Organizer For Socks And Underwear

Evelots 36 Slot Honeycomb Drawer Organizers & Dividers, White, $14, Amazon

These dividers have a unique honeycomb shape that you can cut and customize your underwear drawer. Each compartment would be perfect for storing a bra, a few pairs of socks, or even underwear — if you've given up on folding them.

5. If It's Still A Crowded Mess, Consider Tossing Old Underwear

One of the main reasons I had a messy underwear drawer was because it was just too crowded to keep neat — so much underwear, so little space! To streamline, I threw away bras that were falling apart, any hole-ridden panties, and socks that had long lost their partners.

6. Keep Your Favorites All In One Place

Underwear & Bra Storage Organizer, $11, Amazon

With these compartmentalized organizers, you can store bras and underwear by type, color, or any other method you feel. You could even keep all your matching favorites in the same box, so you're no longer rooting around for that one lacy bralette that always slips out of sight.

7. Store Bras In Special Bags To Keep Their Shape

Protect Bra Underwear Organizer Bag, $8, Amazon

Figuring out how to fold padded or molded cup bras without damaging their shape is tricky, so skip folding altogether and keep them in these bags. One fan said she kept her embellished swimsuit happily stored inside when traveling.

8. Organize Underwear With Space-Saving Bands

ZOOM LIVING ® Space Saver band 10 Bands pack , $24, Amazon

If you still find your drawer becoming a mess a few days after proudly folding your laundry, use these bands. Not only do they compress to save space, they keep everything folded in a neat stack, no matter what.

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