Emma May Have A Dark Secret On 'Scream'

Does one of our favorite Lakewood residents have blood on her hands? It's totally possible. With only one episode left until Scream reveals who the Season 2 killer is, fans are freaking out over who might be the person behind the mask. The Season 1 finale revealed that the murders were committed by Piper and an unnamed accomplice, and now it seems that the first season accomplice might have a murder-y friend of their own to help give Murderville its very accurate nickname. Every Scream fan has their own theory about who the murderer (or, more likely, murderers) is that has been wreaking havoc on Lakewood, but as for me, I'm most intrigued by one theory that paints Season 1 heroine Emma as the killer on Scream this season.

If you scoffed at the idea that Emma could be Scream 's Season 2 killer, it's totally cool — on paper, it doesn't make much sense. After all, hasn't Emma gotten phone calls from Ghostface? Hasn't she been privately devastated by the multiple murders? It's all true, but one theory suggests that none of that matters. Emma could be Ghostface because there's a real chance she might not know about her killer identity at all. Could Emma have a split personality that causes her to lash out as the Season 1 killer?

Whether that's true or not, Scream has definitely left tiny clues that suggest it's possible. When we were re-introduced to Emma in Season 2, she had just spent months seeking help for her psychological issues following the murders of the first season. That makes sense — frankly, I'm surprised that the rest of the Lakewood Six wasn't in intensive therapy from merely witnessing all of the mayhem. However, it does mean that Emma is both not in the best place and spent months away from Lakewood. Who knows what really happened while she was gone? Someone in that mental institution could have manipulated her mental state and encouraged her to go full-on slasher on her Lakewood friends.

There are a few clues to support this. The first? Emma's seriously messed-up dreams. In the Season 2 premiere, Emma dreams of the James' pig farm — and her childhood self playing around in pig guts. (Umm, ew.) It's a very strange nightmare to have, and Emma notes that she's actually had similar dreams before. It's not her first traumatizing dream: Emma also had a nightmare in which she stabbed her friends with a knife. The most telling part? When she woke up, she was really holding a kitchen knife. The last big dream clue that Emma could be the killer comes from Season 1. Emma has a nightmare that she and Kieran are being attacked by Ghostface, but when Ghostface finally rips off the mask, it's Emma hiding underneath the mask. Is it just Emma's psyche playing tricks on her, or could it be seriously trippy foreshadowing?

I'm leaning towards the latter. It would make sense for Emma to ultimately be the villain, given Scream's commitment to playing homage to horror flicks. In fact, the second episode of Season 2 might have clued us in to the fact that Emma could be the killer with the title "Psycho," which references the 1960 film of the same name. That film ends with Norman Bates as the killer, but it's not really him that's been going around and killing the residents of the Bates Motel: instead, it's his alter-ego, whom he believes to be his mother. Emma's alter-ego could be the murderous Ghostface, who has been haunting her since Season 1.

Though I doubt Emma is the only killer on the block, I'm not ruling out the possibility that she may have been afraid of herself all along.

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