What You Really Think When You're At The Gynecologist — VIDEO

For many women, a visit to the gynecologist can be slightly awkward. First, there's the waiting in library silence amongst strangers. Then, there's the host of fibs you might be tempted to tell when asked how many drinks you have each week, how often you use protection, and how many sexual partners you've had in the past month. Finally, in the glorious climax of the visit, there's the whole legs-up-in-stirrups and a spotlight on your vulva experience, while you make strained small talk and the doctor rummages around inside you with a speculum.

In a new BuzzFeed video, all the things you actually think but never say when you're visiting the OBGYN are unveiled. Haven't you ever just wanted to look your doctor in the eyes and say: "My breasts aren't cow teats, could you not press so hard during the breast exam?" or "Please don't ask me when I'm having children" or maybe even "Shaming me for unprotected sex isn't going to fix this STI, lady"? Even if you haven't, it's pretty entertaining to see a woman saying exactly what she's thinking while in the doctor's office. Come to think of it, gynecologist visits might be a lot more fun this way.

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Images: BuzzFeed/YouTube