'Catfish' Goes International With A Celeb Twist

MTV's Catfish has thoroughly permeated our culture, from the way it illuminated the power of a simple reverse image search to how it literally changed the meaning of its titular freshwater fish. But that doesn't mean that the series still doesn't have some new tricks up its sleeve — just think of the show's upcoming London-set episode, which will be its first outside of the United States. So who is the Catfish London couple? Well, while the person who contacted Nev and Max is your typical Catfish subject, the object of his affection is supposedly... Katy Perry. Yep, I can see why the guys and MTV were willing to spend the extra time and money to go abroad, because this is a doozy.

Actually, the weirdest thing about the new couple is the way that it echoes a sketch from the most recent season of Inside Amy Schumer . In that sketch, it turns out that Jake Gyllenhaal is actually the person that Amy's character has been talking in a rare case of a non-Catfish Catfish. The sketch pokes fun at the people who seem like they appear on the show in an attempt to become famous, but I've found that usually, most of the real Catfish participants are genuine about their emotional attachments.

However, I don't think the Aug. 17 episode will actually end like the Inside Amy Schumer sketch. Not only is Katy Perry is a famous celebrity who certainly has access to video chat and international travel and therefore should've been able to meet Spencer sometime in the past six years if they were really communicating, but she's also currently in a relationship with Orlando Bloom.

From the trailer below, it seems like this episode of Catfish episode might actually surprise the hosts, because Spencer seems so convinced that he is really in a relationship with Perry, Nev and Max will need to very carefully let him down.

While I don't think the whole surprise arrival in the teaser means that Perry really is dating Spencer, it looks like he's going to meet the person he's fallen in love with — whoever they may really be — in London. I'm very curious about this person, who was able to convince Spencer that he really was speaking to Perry for as long as six years, and to see how Catfish will manage to uncover what must be an even more prolific Catfish than last week's Zac. The only way to find out, I suppose, is to watch the episode — which Spencer promised will be "the best one yet."