Twitter Reacts To Jaclyn Hill Ditching Highlight

Brace yourself, because what I'm about to say might shock you. According to her Snapchat, Jaclyn Hill hasn't worn highlighter in a week. Cue the freakout. Yes, the woman who is infamous for being the Queen of Highlight is taking a break from her prized beauty item, and Hillsters are very concerned. Why has Hill done such a thing? Well, she has a good reason.

If you're unfamiliar with the makeup artist turned YouTuber, let me break it down for you. This is the woman who created the highlight to end all highlights — I'm talking about BECCA's Champagne Pop. She even had an entire Champage Glow makeup collection with the brand in its honor. Not to mention that she also did an entire tutorial using only her signature glowy products and made a completely wearable look. So when her fans found out that she's been ditching the shine recently, they freaked out.

According to her Snapchat, she gave up her highlight because she's been into a matte look recently. No shame in that, I guess. After all, she is coming out with her own makeup line, so it doesn't surprise me that she's trying out some new looks. I'm willing to bet she won't stay away from the cheek glow for long though. Once you've mastered the highlight, you always eventually come back.

Hill did tweet that she was having a pretty off week around the same time that she gave up on highlight for the time being. Could the two events be connected? I'm not completely familiar with the emotional power of highlight, but I'm guessing that it totally could be. Here's how her Hillsters are dealing with the news of her ditching the product.

Come back to us, Jaclyn!

May the makeup gods be with us all.

Actual footage of her fans.

Who even are you anymore?

My thoughts exactly.

This sums up the emotions perfectly.

Definitely breaking news worthy.

It's got to be a joke, right?

How will Hillsters bounce back from this?

Pretty much.

Let's just hope that Hill comes to her senses soon, because I miss being blinded by her highlight on Snapchat!

Images: jaclynhill/Instagram (1)