Paulie Is Disrespecting Zakiyah On 'Big Brother'

It seems like Paulie has nothing left to lose on Big Brother 18. He’s so close to being evicted that he can taste it, and he's about to go out with a bang. You see, Paulie’s been on top basically the whole summer, so spending even a moment at the bottom has totally changed his behavior in the house. The fact that there are some women in house trying to drag him down only made it worse. And I was never his biggest fan, but when Paulie bragged about allegedly having sex with Zakiyah, I started actively rooting against him. As if it wasn't enough that he got her evicted, now he has to be completely disrespectful towards Zakiyah by talking about her inappropriately while she isn't there to speak up for herself.

Zakiyah was sent packing on Aug. 11 in a double elimination that Paulie helped to facilitate, which was crummy enough because they had had a showmance going up until that time. Now Zakiyah is in the jury house and Paulie is casually talking about her and describing an alleged sexual encounter (viewers and feedsters don't know what exactly happened between the two) to other houseguests. It all started when Paul asked Paulie what sex was like with Zakiyah — a totally inappropriate question — and Paulie answered with some alleged details that should not have been shared with others, especially while surrounded by cameras.

This is from a guy who once said that he didn’t want to kiss Zakiyah on national television because he didn’t want to disrespect her family or something. Clearly, his thought about that have changed, and to make matters even worse, this isn't the first time Paulie was disrespectful to women in the house.

He tried to take down Natalie by talking nonstop about her breasts (even though her body is none of his business) and insinuating that she is stupid because she is from New Jersey. In fact, the harder that Natalie works to get Paulie out of the house, the more misogynistic Paulie's behavior gets. The fans at home are not happy with his behavior, and they want to see him gone.

Why would you want to watch a guy like this on television, anyway? Sure, Paulie creates drama, but it's not an entertaining kind of drama. His actions have been offensive and I don't want to see them on Big Brother anymore. I hope that Zakiyah never gives Paulie the time of day again, and that when he gets off the show, this is the only thing she tells him:

Sex should be a private thing between two people and whether or not Paulie and Zakiyah actually hooked up in the house, he had no right to talk about her this way. Let's hope Paulie is evicted from Big Brother on Aug. 18 so that he can't continue his disrespectful behavior in a public forum any more.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy